God save the Truck Racing

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God save the Truck Racing

For the first race of the 2011 season, Truck Racing is returning to Great Britain, after an absence of 10 years. This major event will take place on 23 and 24 April at Donington. Renault Trucks plans to honour the occasion as it deserves by inviting customers, future customers and partners as well as the general public to share its passion for trucks and competition driving. The complete range of Renault Trucks from the Maxity to the Magnum will be on view and freely accessible in the paddocks, with the Renault Premium Truck Racing special edition given pride of place at its first appearance on British soil. This vehicle, with its exterior and interior both evoking the world of racing, will also be serving as the pace truck for the weekend's four races. In addition, Renault Trucks will be offering a series of attractions, the most impressive being an opportunity of getting a real taste of what it feels like to be a racing truck driver thanks to the highly realistic Truck Racing by Renault Trucks videogame simulators. However, it will be on the track that Renault Trucks intends to create the biggest stir with the same aim as last year: to win!

After a ten year absence, Truck Racing comes back across the Channel (at last!). On 23 and 24 April, the Donington track, north of Birmingham, will be hosting the first event in the 2011 season. For Renault Trucks, this return to the UK will be accompanied by a particularly impressive presence at the track. Several thousands of customers, future customers and partners have been invited by the UK subsidiary. The full range, from the Maxity to the Magnum, will be on display around the Renault Trucks area and freely accessible to everyone. The manufacturer will be taking advantage of this event to present the Renault Premium Truck Racing special edition to the UK market. This is the vehicle with exterior and interior decorations and fittings evoking competition driving which will be serving as pace truck at the four races taking place during the weekend. As pointed out by Marc Martinez, director of Renault Trucks UK: "We are proud to be this event's main partner and, with the backing of the entire network, we will be doing everything to promote and grow the Renault Trucks brand on the UK market via truck racing."

Various activities for the general public are being organised on the Renault Trucks stand which will be hosting the 10,000 people expected (full list on www.uktruckracing.co.uk). Always extremely popular, the racing simulators will enable young and old to get a feeling of what it's like to be a truck racing driver for a few minutes - with hands in the 10:10 position on the force feedback steering wheel, the right-hand pedal hard against the floor, the sound of the engine and competitors nudging each other as they roar around the track. The Truck Racing by Renault Trucks videogame (soon to be available on the iPhone and iPad) really makes you think you're in it for real!

However, there will be nothing simulated about the reality of the four races scheduled for the weekend that the three Renault Trucks-MKR Technology team drivers - Marküs Bösiger, Marküs Oestreich and Adam Lacko - will be facing. For the team is determined to retain its championship crown and let all its rivals know about it from the very first race. For their second year together, Renault Trucks and MKR Technology are pursuing the same goal: to win!

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