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“Get yourself a legend”: the Renault Trucks competition

Since November 2nd, Renault Trucks has been organising a big “Get yourself a legend” competition. Entry couldn’t be simpler. Until November 30th, drivers just have to upload a photo or a video of their Renault Trucks vehicle to the following website: At the end of the competition, a draw will pick the winners. And a plethora of prizes, including a unique experience on board a team MKR Technology Premium Course racing truck on a European circuit.

Drivers all have a great story to share about their vehicle. Renault Trucks is launching its competition on the website, inviting them to share theirs and illustrate it with a photo or a video. On November 30th, after the competition closes, a draw will pick out 115 competition winners:

  • Prizes 1 to 5: 2 laps of a European circuit on board a team MKR Technology Premium Course racing truck
  • 6th to 15th prize: a scale model of a Renault Trucks vehicle
  • 16th to 115th prize: a Renault Trucks key fob

Renault Trucks has been present on web 2.0 since 2010, giving voice to drivers either via its Facebook and Twitter pages, its YouTube and Dailymotion spaces, or some of its smartphone applications (Drivers’ photo albums, Selected for you, etc.). Once again, Renault Trucks is giving the driver pride of place!