Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions reduced by almost 30% for collecting household waste in the Greater Lyon area with the Renault Trucks hybrid vehicle

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Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions reduced by almost 30% for collecting household waste in the Greater Lyon area with the Renault Trucks hybrid vehicle

The inhabitants of the Greater Lyon area are going to find it easier to breathe - as a result of a longstanding partnership agreement between Renault Trucks, SITA (Suez Environment) and the Greater Lyon authority, the first RT refuse collector fitted with a hybrid engine will start picking up refuse in the Lyon urban area in October 2008. The aim is to confirm, under real operating conditions, that a 30% reduction in consumption - and therefore in CO2 emissions - can be achieved by Renault Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech and its equipment.

In October 2008, Renault Trucks and SITA (Suez Environnement) will be launching operational trials in the Lyon urban area of the very first RT hybrid truck to be used for collecting the city's household refuse: the premium Distribution Hybrys Tech.

Fitted with a hybrid engine which, on its own, reduces CO2 emissions by almost 20%, this dedicated vehicle will also be equipped with an additional battery designed to supply the refuse collector. This battery is recharged during the vehicle's deceleration and braking phases. It will therefore not be relying on a single engine - enabling the total reduction in consumption, and therefore emissions, to reach almost 30%.

The principle of hybrid (or "parallel") technology developed by Renault Trucks is very straightforward: the vehicle's kinetic energy is recovered during braking or deceleration and converted into electricity. Stored in a battery located in the wheelbase, this electricity then supplies the MDS (Motor Drive System) electrical motor which provides power for starting the vehicle, supplying its electrical functions and propulsion up to 20 km/h. This means that the diesel engine is only used for those phases during which it consumes the least, i.e. when travelling. Apart from cutting emissions, the use of an electric motor in hybrid technology also significantly reduces noise levels.

Under these conditions, hybrid technology proves to be ideally adapted to urban applications - particularly during the early morning or night - with the constant acceleration and deceleration generating much lower noise levels. This is why the Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech was developed on the basis of the Renault Premium Distribution fitted with a DXi7 diesel engine and the Optidriver+ gearbox.

Renault Trucks worked with a certain number of technical partners on this project. For example,the bodybuilder FAUN developed a special refuse collector body for this hybrid vehicle.

Furthermore, the vehicle is fitted with Michelin X InCity XZU3 tyres, which are particularly suitable for the demands made on them by town centre and urban driving conditions. Combined with Alcoa Dura-Bright®Wheels rims, these provide the best solution for the refuse collection market offering both the lightweight and long life of Alcoa aluminium rims with the benefits of the new Dura-Bright surface treatment.

Once again, the aim for all partners involved in this project, is to develop a comprehensive, clean and quiet solution for managing domestic waste. Renault Trucks, SITA, LUTB (the Lyon Urban Truck & Bus competitive cluster for collective public and goods transport) and the Greater Lyon authority, have therefore been working for several months to prepare the operational trial of this vehicle with a view to bringing it to market at the end of 2009. This vehicle will be on display from 23 September to 2 October 2008 at the Hanover International Fair.

Following the tests in Lyon, an initial series of 6 pre-production Renault Trucks hybrid vehicles will be operated by a number of customers to apply this technology to other urban distribution activities.

By testing different applications for its hybrid technology, Renault Trucks is reasserting its determination to be a major player in urban distribution offering superior environmental performance.

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