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Renault Trucks has reinforced its world-wide presence by opening 4 new dealerships. In Dordrecht in Holland, Istanbul in Turkey, Kenitra in Morocco, and Kiev in Ukraine, its new sales and service outlets were officially opened during the spring of 2010. These modern facilities offer all the brand’s sales and after-sales activities, and all the tools to provide high quality service to Renault Trucks customers.

Right at the heart of the economically dynamic region of Dordrecht, in the Dordtse Kil III industrial park, Renault Trucks’ new shop window in Holland is a prime example of multi-functionality in the world of commercial vehicle distribution. The dealership sells the brand’s trucks and LCVs and provides all servicing and repair operations. Furthermore, a Fast&Pro area specially dedicated to the sales and maintenance of LCV vehicles is part of the structure. On April 9th 2010, just a year after the foundation stone was laid Alain Soudan, Renault Trucks General Manager for Benelux and Nico Doolaard, the General Manager of the site, officially opened Doolaard Bedrijfswagens B.V.

At the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Turkey is strategic, both geographically and economically. Here, Renault Trucks has also chosen to reinforce its presence.  In Istanbul, Turkey, the Çetaş Otomotiv Orhanlı dealership was inaugurated by Hasan Taşar, Taşar Group’s Chairman of the Board and Dominique Pollien, General Manager of Renault Trucks Turkey with a commitment to pursue Renault Trucks’ considerable growth in the heavy duty vehicle market in Turkey.
Keen to work ever closer to its customers in the Maghreb, Renault Trucks is extending its network of sales and service outlets in the north of Morocco. It is located close to a busy road and motorway route full of trucks and LCVs in the city of Kenitra and covers a surface area of one hectare. The Score Auto dealership sells commercial and light commercial vehicles. It also manages after-sales activities such as parts, repairs, assistance and service packs. The new Renault Trucks dealership was opened on May 20th in Kenitra, in the north of Morocco, in the presence of Christophe Jacques, Managing Director of Berliet Maroc, and Karim and Hamid Safioui, respectively General Manager and Sales Manager of the new premises.

So as to allow Renault Trucks to strengthen its presence and accelerate growth in Ukraine, in particular in the Kiev region – today almost 40% of the Ukrainian market – Renault Trucks Ukraine has taken over the Kiev dealership of AP C.T.R. Ukraine. On a 2-hectare site with modern facilities and equipment, the establishment has all Renault Trucks’ commercial and technical services on hand. For the inauguration, on June 18th 2010, a commercial operation was organised. Two new product ranges were presented: Premium Lander Eco+, 4x2 380hp, destined primarily for the agricultural sector, and Premium Lander Pro, 6x4 440hp, for heavy equipment transport.

With these four new dealerships, Renault Trucks is bolstering its network of 1,600 sales and service outlets in over 100 countries and confirming its determination to seek out new sources of growth and work closely with its customers, wherever they may be in the world.
Photo captions:
Photo 1: Score Auto dealership in Morocco
Photo 2: Score Auto inauguration in Morocco
Photo 3: Christophe Jacques, Managing Director of Berliet Maroc, and Karim and Hamid Safioui, General Manager and Sales Director of Score Auto, cutting the inaugural ribbon
Photo 4: Çetaş Otomotiv Orhanlı dealership in Turkey
Photo 5: The inaugural ribbon of Çetaş Otomotiv Orhanlı being cut by Hasan Taşar, Chairman of the Board of Taşar Group, and Dominique Pollien, General Manager of Renault Trucks Turkey
Photo 6: Doolaard Bedrijfswagens B.V. dealership in Holland
Photo 7: Renault Trucks Kiev dealership in Ukraine

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