Four new configurations for the Premium Lander Optitrack

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Four new configurations for the Premium Lander Optitrack

First introduced in 2010 on the Premium Lander 4x2 tractor, the OptiTrack system offers the driver temporary use of full transmission by powering the front axle. This gives the vehicle added mobility, allowing it to overcome more challenging surfaces while maintaining the comfort, consumption and payload of a vehicle designed for the road. Much appreciated by customers when it was launched, OptiTrack is now available in four more new configurations: 4x2, 6x2, 6x4 rigids and 6x4 tractors. These are designed for all types of supply activity which may encounter rougher terrain such as delivering raw materials to building sites, carrying materials or collecting milk.

Initially developed for the Premium Lander 4x2 tractor, OptiTrack is a system enabling an on-road vehicle to temporarily benefit from additional mobility by means of two hydraulic motors mounted in the hubs of the front wheels. These power the front axle, enabling the vehicle to extricate itself from difficult situations. It is mainly designed for hauliers who do not need full transmission all the time but whose trucks are sometimes required to travel over more difficult terrain. Available from 0 km/h and up to 30 km/h, the OptiTrack system is coupled to a robotised gearbox.

With OptiTrack, hauliers can improve the mobility of their trucks while at the same time preserving the advantages of an on-road vehicle. This means a payload over 500 kg higher than that of an equivalent full transmission vehicle, better consumption (up to 10% lower) and greater comfort for the driver. Furthermore, this additional pulling power significantly reduces operational costs for hauliers by increasing the number of days their truck can operate under difficult conditions and in bad weather. It is designed for all supply activities which can sometimes involve negotiating more challenging terrain such as delivering raw materials to building sites, carrying all types of materials or collecting milk from dairy farms.

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