Fast & Pro: Renault Trucks label dedicated to light commercial vehicles opens two new centres in France

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Fast & Pro: Renault Trucks label dedicated to light commercial vehicles opens two new centres in France

With accreditation being given to two new sites in France, Renault Trucks is continuing the development of its Fast & Pro concept dedicated to the maintenance and repair of light commercial vehicles. With these two innovatory new centres, which come on top of those already accredited in Europe, Renault Trucks is stating its position as the reference in light commercial vehicles.

The Renault Trucks “Fast & Pro” concept is a label awarded to approved repairers who have fulfilled the conditions of a specification which include strict quality criteria. Based on service without appointments, professionalism and speed of intervention, customers of a Fast & Pro centre have the guarantee of high-performance service with personalised welcome, specific tooling and the technical skill of members of staff who have been trained in the specific requirements of LCV repair.

The new “Fast & Pro” technical centre in Corbas (near Lyon) is manned by a complete, dedicated team of 10 people. With an investment of over €1.5M, the volume and massive architecture of the equipment is very impressive. It is the biggest Fast & Pro centre in Europe. Covering 900m2, it offers a reception area, 300m2 of showroom for the sale of the brand’s vehicles, a workshop area of 530m2 and a storeroom for spare parts. Its mission is to respond as quickly as possible with maximum efficiency to the requirements of LCV users of all brands who are customers of Renault Trucks Grand Lyon.

The workshop has very high-spec technical resources. In particular it has 5 work bays, 2 four-column vehicle lifts (for a load of 7.5 tons), a two-column lift, diagnostic sets (for all brands), latest-generation laser benches for wheel balancing and geometrics, an 80-unit tyre distributor and all the tooling required for the repair and maintenance of all brands of light commercial vehicles. Using a range of innovatory technology, the oil and grease distribution systems are entirely computerised and adapted to each unit.

The objectives are to handle 400 vehicles in 2008 and then progressively increase business to reach 1,000 vehicles per year within 3 years, with additional personnel being recruited.

In March, Renault Trucks also gave accreditation to the Renault Trucks Aquitaine site in Mérignac (near Bordeaux) whose building has been entirely renovated for the purpose. The investment made to house this new activity totals €2.3M.

With the inauguration of the Corbas and Mérignac Fast & Pro sites, Renault Trucks is continuing with the development of the light commercial vehicle segment of its business, begun in 2006. With Fast & Pro, the users of LCVs are sure of accessing a local service which is perfectly adapted to their needs: further proof of Renault Trucks’ commitment to the success of its customers.

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