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2008 sees Renault Trucks strengthening its position on its markets and laying solid foundations for the future

In a highly contrasted economic climate in 2008, Renault Trucks strengthened its position on its markets, in spite of a slight fall-off in sales. In the over-6 ton category, the manufacturer’s market share (registrations) increased by almost one percentage point in the 27-country area of the EC (EC27), and by 1.7 in France. For light commercial vehicles, the same markets showed progression of 0.2 and 0.6% respectively. Internationally, sales leapt 27%.

In 2008, Renault Trucks also laid some solid foundations for the future, which should produce results this year, with a stronger network, better organisation, a product and service range that offers a better match to market needs and solutions to reduce consumption and CO2 emissions. And in 2009, Renault Trucks will be getting close up and personal with its customers, from the Northern Cape (Norway) to the Cape of Good Hope (South Africa)

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