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With a mischievous, determined but irresistible expression, and clearly not to be messed around, Super Trucky is the cousin of Trucky, the educational character used by Renault Trucks. Now in cartoons and key-ring, he is part of the Renault Trucks Truck Racing team in the European truck racing Championship. Here’s a look at how such a character is designed on the basis of a race truck. A conversation with one of his “creators”, from the Renault Truck Design Hall (HDD).

Destined to win over the hearts of young and old alike on the race tracks and symbolising Renault Trucks’ commitment to Truck Racing, Super Trucky has a very precise remit. “This character should represent the new race truck and its commitment to competition” explains Antonino Lo Re, one of the project designers with Gwénaëlle Kotecki and Cédric Masson. “This meant that we needed to give him a winning, confident aura, whilst at the same time keeping a pleasant, slightly mischievous side.”

Switching from the design of a truck which is an industrial work tool to that of a cartoon character means focusing on the essential: “It is a bit like doing a caricature” continues Antonino Lo Re, “it is important to keep the basic features and exaggerate the strengths of the vehicle whilst adapting the proportions accordingly”. For Super Trucky, the designers focused on the red air inlets which become a mouth, ready to eat up the tarmac, a short, slightly rounded profile in the purest cartoon tradition and a sharp expression symbolised by the furrowed brow. Of course, the character’s expression is the central element of the drawing which in the end gives it its personality.

And Super Trucky certainly personifies Renault Trucks’ commitment to Truck Racing: a spirit of competition with a single, overriding objective: victory!

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