Construction Tour : customers get hands-on experience of the Kerax and Premium Lander

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Construction Tour : customers get hands-on experience of the Kerax and Premium Lander

At the same time as its Construction Days are taking place in the Lyon region, Renault Trucks is also giving its customers opportunities to get the feel of its Construction range by going out to meet them. Since May the Construction Tour has been travelling the length and breadth of France and has already welcomed over 400 customers during the first two stages at La Mans and Troyes. During these events, they were able to test and assess the vehicles' performance for themselves under actual operating conditions in quarries or gravel pits. 10 vehicles are available for test drives (Midlum, Kerax and Premium Lander) with the Renault Premium Lander OptiTrack as the star of the show. This vehicle allows customers to switch from a "conventional" 4x2 configuration to a temporary 4x4 transmission with all the advantages that brings only when actually needed, without having to put up with the financial and practical inconveniences. Adopting the Optifuel Tour model, this operation enables Renault Trucks to continue developing closer ties with its customers. The next stage of the Construction Tour 2011 will take place at Agen on 7 and 8 September 2011.

Because hands-on experience is much more convincing than a long technical explanation, Renault Trucks has been going out to meet its customers during the Construction Tour 2011. This has enabled them to test and form their own opinion of the vehicles' performance under actual operating conditions. The first two stages of this national road-show took place in May and June at Le Mans and at Troyes in quarries or gravel pits.

The Construction Tour fleet is made up of 10 vehicles from the Renault Trucks Construction range, featuring in particular two Premium Lander OptiTrack 460 hp 26 t vehicles. OptiTrack is a system which enables customers using a vehicle with a "conventional" 4x2 configuration to benefit from temporary 4x4 transmission and all its advantages, only when this is really needed, without the financial and practical implications usually involved. The other vehicles are a Midlum 4x4 300 hp, two 6x4, 460 hp 26 t Premium Landers, an 8x4 430 hp Premium Lander concrete mixer and an 8x4 460 hp 32 t Kerax.

The 8x4 configuration is the one most used throughout the construction industry as well as for carrying concrete (mixer), transporting building materials (crane platform) and earthmoving (tipper), as well as in quarries for carrying the extracted raw materials. In addition to these vehicles, two additional prestige vehicles will be on show: a Kerax Cape to Cape and a Kerax Dakar.

In the course of the Construction Tour 2011, Renault Trucks will also be presenting its Optifuel programme specially adapted to meet the demands of the Construction range. This programme combines all the tools Renault Trucks makes available to its customers, allowing them to significantly reduce their fuel consumption (Optifuel Training, Optifuel Infomax and the Club Optifuel Programme).

After Le Mans and Troyes, the next stage of the Construction Tour 2011 will take place in Agen at the Roussille gravel pit operated by the Screg de Layrac group on 7 and 8 September 2011.

A fourth stage is planned in October in the South East of France

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