Company concierge service: Renault Trucks doing its all to simplify life for its employees

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Company concierge service: Renault Trucks doing its all to simplify life for its employees

On its Lyon site, in partnership with the company Bien-Etre à la Carte®, Renault Trucks is launching a company concierge programme to help employees get the right balance between their private and working lives: the first stage of an overall approach to improved employee well-being. The Renault Trucks concierge service will open its doors on May 23rd for a test period over the year 2008.

As the first step in an overall approach begun by Renault Trucks in 2005 to improve the well-being of its employees at work, the company concierge will relieve employees of all the burdens of daily life. Set up in partnership with Bien-Etre à la Carte®, a subsidiary of Accor Services the world leader issuer of prepaid services, the concierge service will offer a very broad panel of services in five specific areas:

1. Multi-services in the workplace: a hem to be sewn, a suit to be taken to the dry cleaners or a heel to be repaired… now these garments can be dropped off at the concierge service. In the same way, an employee can ask the concierge service to find a restaurant for a dinner with friends or order a bouquet of flowers for his mum’s birthday. Employees will even be able to get a haircut there, as it is to be equipped with a proper hairdresser’s salon. Finally, as part of a service that is exclusive to Renault Trucks, each week it will be possible to order a basket of organic fruit and vegetables sourced from regional producers.

2. “Family” services: childminding, schoolwork support, leisure and activities for the kids, home helps for elderly or low-mobility people, shopping…. The concierge service offers a whole range of personal services, including specialised services for the disabled, etc….

3. “Administrative, legal and  fiscal” services: the Bien-Etre à la Carte specialist advisors will answer all the requests of employees for legal or fiscal advice: the concierge service will take care of all the administrative formalities (car log books, ID papers, etc…).

4. “Leisure and travel” services: the concierge will search for and reserve travel, hotels, show tickets or even all you need to organise a birthday party between friends, going through specialist service providers.

5. “Home and living” services: here, the concierge service will help employees find home helps for all types of jobs around the house, from housework to DIY, ironing and gardening. The concierge will help them to find specialists for every kind of job, even urgently, getting quotes and choosing the best offer available. Trouble-free home renovation or repairs will be available to all thanks to the Renault Trucks concierge service.

To benefit, employees will just have to go to the concierge service centre on the Saint-Priest site near the canteen where they will be welcomed by a professional concierge from 7am to 10.30am and from 11.30am to 3pm, Monday to Friday. Outside those opening times, the Bien-Etre à la Carte® call centre – open 8am to 9pm from Monday to Friday and from 8am to 8pm on Saturday – is available. An extranet site accessible from any PC with an internet connection will also be available to employees.

Access to the concierge services is free for all employees: they only pay for the service provided by the concierge at competitive tariffs negotiated by Bien-Etre à la Carte® from their referenced service provider list.

The Renault Trucks concierge will be open for business on May 23rd for a test period during 2008 and hopes to win over the majority of the Lyon site’s 5,300 employees.

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