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A number of "chassis cab" versions are being added to the Master by Renault Trucks panel van offering introduced at the beginning of the year. These will give professionals greater flexibility to adapt their vehicles even more specifically to individual requirements. These consist of 3.5t - 4.5t "single tyre" front wheel and rear wheel drive versions as well as "twin tyre" rear wheel drive versions. Renault Trucks is also supplying fully operational bodied vehicles as part of its exclusive "Ready to work" offering and a range of LCV specific services such as the Start&Drive maintenance and repair contracts, Expandys warranty extensions and Fast&Pro dedicated sales and servicing areas.

Renault Trucks' experience in the field of commercial vehicles has made it thoroughly familiar with professionals' wide-ranging needs as well as the diversity of their activities and particular characteristics. In order to have the possibility of adapting each vehicle to its specific assignment, the new Master by Renault Trucks is now being made available in chassis-cab versions as well as panel vans. A range which will soon be further extended to include chassis-crew cab, platform cab and chassis-cowl versions.
A Master for each application
Front wheel or rear wheel drive, single or twin tyres
"Tell us what business you’re in and your operating conditions, and we'll tell you which Master you need” - a motto that sums up Renault Trucks' approach and determination to meet its customers' demands as closely as possible.
Delivery service operators who make payload their absolute priority (refrigerated transport or high-volume specialists, ambulance service operators, etc.) will choose the 3.5t front-wheel drive chassis cab which offers one of the highest payloads on the market.

Those looking for greater pulling power due to their loads or the surfaces they have to negotiate will naturally be more interested in the "rear wheel drive" models. There are several options to choose from - in particular, the 3.5 t rear wheel drive single tyre version will deliver greater pulling power, while still being able to carry a high payload. For example, this will be recommended for high-volume body or platform configurations.
If the ability to carry even higher loads is required (tipper body or boom arm equipment), customers will prefer twin tyres, which make provision for higher loads on the rear axle with the Master 3.5t rear wheel drive twin tyre configuration.
Finally, customers ordering vehicles to be fitted with heavy bodywork (compact RCVs, long reach booms, etc.) and who are looking for maximum rear axle and towing loads will opt for the Master 4.5 t twin tyre version. It should be pointed out that operators working on loose or uneven surfaces can also opt for a differential lock on all rear wheel drive versions.

A wide range of configurations and bodywork
It is essential for the offering to be broad in scope so that it can meet professionals' needs as closely as possible. Apart from choosing rear-wheel or front-wheel drive for their "chassis cabs", customers can also choose between different combinations, according to version, based on three wheelbase lengths (3,182 mm, 3,682 mm and 4,332 mm) with a long (1,668 mm) or short (1,118 mm) overhang.
The Master "chassis cab" also allows a wide range of bodywork and equipment to be fitted. The body length, one of the best on the market, varies from 3,182 mm to 4,838 mm in front- wheel drive versions, and from 3,182 mm to 5,746 mm in single tyre rear-wheel drive versions and from 3,639 to 5,468 mm in twin tyre rear-wheel drive versions. The offering can also include the following configurations to meet every aspect of professionals' needs: chassis cowl, platform cab or crew cab. All Master by Renault Trucks versions have pre- installations adapted to most bodies such as, for example, provision for inserting additional batteries, the possibility of fitting a PTO to the gearbox or a connecting box to simplify body mounting.

"Ready to work" Masters
To satisfy professionals suddenly faced with the need to obtain a vehicle as quickly as possible, Renault Trucks has set up its "Ready to work" offering. This consists of front-wheel or rear-wheel drive vehicles with ready mounted bodies that can therefore be supplied more rapidly. This means that customers no longer need the services of a body builder - Renault Trucks has "prepared" their Master from A to Z.

The "Ready to work" vehicles can be fitted with three major types of bodywork. A tipper or  flatbed for professionals in the Building and Public Works sector, green spaces or road maintenance for example, or a "high-volume" box body for parcels services or removals. Customers can then adapt these configurations to their own specific needs via a number of different options and fittings: large or small tipper, in steel or aluminium, long or short flatbed, with or without trunk, interior lining in polyester or plywood depending on the activity concerned, etc.
Specific services for light commercial vehicles
Master by Renault Trucks also comes with a whole range of services specially dedicated to light commercial vehicles which make tradesmen's and SME managers' everyday lives easier, allowing them to fully focus on their work.  

>Fast&Pro: sales and service for professionals by professionals
Fast&Pro is a sales and servicing area entirely dedicated to LCVs. Customers are welcomed by specially trained staff who are familiar with their activities, the pressures they have to face and can offer them the best solutions. Customers will also find a number of specific services designed to ensure that their business will not suffer, such as longer business hours, taking a vehicle in for its MOT test and supplying a replacement vehicle in the event of extended downtime.
Fast&Pro workshops can be found all over Europe. There are currently more than 90 centres operating in Europe, 50 of which are in France and Renault Trucks is aiming to have 250 centres with the label by the end of 2012.

> "LCV" Start&Drive and Expandys, for greater peace of mind
The Renault Trucks Start&Drive and Expandys contracts are specially designed to help LCV operators control their maintenance budgets and reduce vehicle downtime to a minimum. To meet the needs of every individual professional, Renault Trucks offers contracts with a broad choice of conditions for different periods and kilometrages.
With Start&Drive, regular, pre-programmed visits ensure the vehicle's regular servicing is carried out correctly, thereby limiting the risk of unforeseen downtime due to breakdowns. Customers can also sign a contract covering all vehicle servicing and repairs: this enables costs to be spread out and planned over a long period.

The Expandys contract covers technical risks over two to four years, according to the period chosen. In its "Standard" version, Expandys covers repairs to the powertrain (engine, gearbox and drive axle).   The "Maxi" version covers repairs to all parts of the vehicle. In all cases, towing and breakdown services are included. Expandys offers professionals guaranteed peace of mind.

Master, a comfortable and safe working tool
The Master by Renault Trucks now offers road handling close to that of a panel van. For the rear wheel drive version is fitted with independent front suspension for greater comfort, ESP as standard and an even better braking distance for improved safety. As far as drivers are concerned, this means more comfortable working and less fatigue. They are able to concentrate on their assignments and be more efficient, even when they spend a great deal of time in their truck (parcels services, distribution, etc.), have to use B roads or drive over rough surfaces (on building sites or for road maintenance, etc.).
Furthermore, the lower consumption quoted for Master panel van versions (savings of 7%) compared with the previous generation are also to be found in similar proportions for chassis cabs. Finally, it should be noted that the robotised gearbox will be available in October 2010 on front wheel drive models and at the beginning of 2011 for rear wheel drive versions.

We can conclude by confidently stating that with all these options and features - a GVW of 2.8t to 4.5t, panel van, chassis cab and crew cab, as well as chassis cowl or platform cab versions, front wheel or rear wheel drive, single or twin tyres, up to 17 cu. m. of loading volume for panel vans and a payload of up to 2,495 kg for the chassis cab version - Master by Renault Trucks can carry everything! Renault Trucks has put all its expertise at the service of SME directors or technical managers, as well as its familiarity with the specific requirements of different activities and with LCVs, together with the density of its network dedicated to trades people. It not only offers them a safe and efficient vehicle, but also services geared to the demands of their businesses, designed to make everyday assignments even more efficient.


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