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A must for truck racing fans, the Nürburgring grand prix (Germany) took place on July 24th and 25th with over 200,000 spectators present. After the four weekend races, MKR Technology - Renault Trucks were rewarded with four top three finishes and strengthened their n° 2 ranking in the team championship. Another encouraging result for the truck manufacturer was Team 14 driver Anthony Janiec’s good performance. The next decisive stage is the Smolensk grand prix in Russia, on August 7th and 8th 2010.


At the Germany grand prix in Nürburgring on July 24th and 25th, the heat was not coming from the sky but from the track. More exactly from the stands, where over 200,000 truck racing fans had gathered from all over Germany. And sometimes from further afield still... With an audience already won over by this particular brand of motor sport, Markus Oestreich, the German MKR Technology - Renault Trucks team driver, was clearly intent on being the showman of the event. Having pulled out further to an assistance air problem during the first race of the weekend, Markus Oestreich made a spectacular comeback in the second. This allowed him to finish in an honourable fifth place after leaving last on the grid! This was a great performance on home turf, and greeted with understandable acclaim from his fellow countrymen. On Sunday 25th, the German driver was once again in the thick of the crowd’s excitement. Whilst he finished second in the first race on Sunday, he brought the crowds to their feet by coming over the finish line of the second race first. With 94 points accumulated since the beginning of the season, Markus Oestreich holds onto his fifth place in the European championship.

The osmosis between the German driver and his public should not let us forget the fabulous results of Markus Bösiger, the Swiss drive in the team. On Saturday, he managed to get onto the podium twice with two 3rd place finishes. On Sunday, he finished 5th and then 6th. In spite of that, with an 11-point lead over the 3rd place driver, he reinforced his 2nd place with a cumulative 153 points since the beginning of the championships. In the general team rankings, the MKR Technology - Renault Trucks team strengthened further its 2nd place with 214 points.

Another good result of the weekend was Team 14’s success with their French driver, Anthony Janiec. On Saturday, he came 8th in the first race after a head-to-head with a 9th place driver in what was not an easy race for him. Because of the rule on reverse starting order for the first 8 finishers, he was in pole position in the second race. And he managed to hold onto top spot for three laps of the circuit. Also of note was the excellent performance of the young French driver who finished the second race on Sunday in 5th place, one of his very best performances yet. After this fourth grand prix, Anthony Janiec has 44 points, which leaves him in 9th position.  

Reputed for its excitable crowd and quality entertainment, the Nürburgring grand prix was true to its reputation. The commercial vehicle manufacturer’s German subsidiary stand was fully involved in the fun and games. On the customer side, Renault Trucks Germany invited hundreds of customers to attend the event on a terrace near the track. For the fans, the German subsidiary organised two autograph signing sessions with its drivers on its stand, on Saturday and Sunday. A glance at the clapometer would suggest that the German driver, Markus Oestreich, was the big success of the weekend.


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