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Renault Trucks has just signed the Parenthood Charter, a document which commits its signatories to introducing measures that favour a better conciliation between family life and professional life, particularly for staff members with children. A determined pioneer in this area for many years, particularly via initiatives such as setting up a well-being department, a company crèche and a concierge service, Renault Trucks demonstrates that being a competitive player in the market place is not at all incompatible with a concern for well-being and family life.

It was at Lyon, on 29 June 2010, that a ceremony took place Place Bellecour during which Renault Trucks joined the 200 or more other companies that have already signed the Parenthood Charter, initiated by the Parenthood Observatory. The aim of this not-for-profit association and the Charter is to encourage better conciliation between work and family commitments. Renault Trucks presented the concrete measures it has been implementing for several years to make day-to-day life easier for staff members with children. These include financial support, particularly via the CESU (chèque emploi service universel - Universal Employment Service Cheque) or gift vouchers.

The Charter commits its signatories to developing measures to serve this purpose, particularly in three main areas: improve representation associated with parenthood in the company, create a favourable environment for staff members with children, particularly expectant mothers, and ensure that these staff members' career paths are in no way subject to any kind of discrimination. The full Charter can be downloaded from the site.

With his new commitment, Renault Trucks once again demonstrates its involvement in taking staff members' family responsibilities into consideration and its intention to continue its efforts to combine business efficiency with family well-being.

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