Renault Trucks’ fuel consumption expertise demonstrated to customers during the Optifuel Tour

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Renault Trucks’ fuel consumption expertise demonstrated to customers during the Optifuel Tour

Designed to promote Optifuel consumption-cutting solutions to its customers, the Renault Trucks "Optifuel Tour" convoy has just completed its tour of France. After travelling from Auxerre to Toulon and Narbonne to Poitiers, almost 600 customers have tried out vehicles from the Construction and Long Distance ranges. This gave them a hands-on opportunity to appreciate the robotised Optidriver+ gearbox's efficiency and the fuel savings they could achieve, while still increasing their journey speed - all thanks to Optifuel rational driving instruction and the consumption monitoring Infomax software. After all this success in France, Optifuel Tour is now all set to continue throughout Europe in 2010.

Because its customers only believe what they see, RT decided to go out and meet them in all parts of France, taking advantage of its extensive national dealership network to demonstrate the efficiency of its Optifuel Solutions. Designed to cut their operating costs by sustainably lowering fuel consumption, this offer combines the sale of an Optidriver+ robotised gearbox equipped vehicle with Optifuel Infomax fuel consumption management software and Optifuel Training in rational driving. Depending on their sector of activity, customers were invited to a day dedicated either to Long Distance haulage with test drives on the open road, or to Construction applications with trials in quarries or on closed construction sites. Customers were then able to question Renault Trucks experts on how to optimise fuel consumption management for their particular activity and respective needs, and then implement the solutions put forward by Renault Trucks.
The test drives carried out using trucks of different configurations allowed all customers attending these events to judge for themselves the efficiency delivered by the robotised gearbox and appreciate the savings they could achieve with the Infomax software or the rational driving instruction. Simple to use and without any subscription, the Infomax software is the easiest solution to implement and the least expensive in the long term for efficiently managing a fleet's fuel consumption. This simplicity has earned it a great deal of praise from SMEs, since Renault Trucks Optifuel Solutions does offer small and medium-sized operators a very swift return on a minimal investment.
Similarly, Renault Trucks' experience in training over 200 companies in rational driving has established that not only can substantial reductions in consumption be achieved, but also - most importantly - journey speed can actually be increased.
These are all persuasive arguments which customers obviously found appealing since the 8 one-day events organised by Renault Trucks attracted almost 600 of them!
Encouraged by this success, at the beginning of 2010, the Optifuel Tour convoy will be setting out to meet Renault Trucks customers all over Europe. The itinerary will take it to Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and Switzerland. Renault Trucks’ Optifuel Solutions
Launched in France in 2008, Optifuel Solutions is a product and service offering which is constantly being improved. It is designed to help customers reduce the proportion of operating costs spent on fuel in the long-term for both the Long Distance and Construction ranges. It is made up of the following elements.
Optifuel Technology refers to the vehicle equipped with the Optidriver+ robotised gearbox, an ideal partner for the DXi 11 L and 13 L engines and SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) to keep fuel consumption in check. Since this technology allows gears to be shifted at engine speeds prioritising low fuel consumption, this can be reduced by as much as 3% compared with a manually controlled gearbox.
These technical aspects are complemented by Optifuel Programme, a comprehensive programme encompassing Renault Trucks teams’ expertise.  It consists of instruction in rational driving (Optifuel Training), measurement software (Optifuel Infomax) and access to an exclusive Internet site (the Club Optifuel Programme).
Optifuel Training is a two-day programme covering both theoretical and practical aspects of rational driving. It is provided by Renault Trucks experts specialised in this field and designed for instructors, fleet managers or chief drivers. It can, of course, subsequently be passed on to all drivers in the fleet. It also includes the installation and use of a specific measuring software programme.
The Optifuel Infomax software, developed by Renault Trucks, allows customers to retrieve data concerning their vehicle’s consumption and analyse it in relation to the driver’s particular driving style and the vehicle’s assignment. It reveals differences compared with the fleet average in a very straightforward manner, using a colour code. All this data will help our customers implement action plans to optimise the consumption of their entire fleet. Furthermore, driver communications and management will be more objective because of this factual, quantified data.
After the training, Renault Trucks continues to provide its customers with long-term support by giving them access to the Optifuel Programme Club, an Internet site which extends the effect of the training programme. This will enable customers to consult practical advice from experts so that the benefits of the training can be maintained.
Initially designed for the Long Distance range, Optifuel Programme is also available for the Construction range. In view of the success this solution has had in France, Renault Trucks has decided to make it available throughout Europe. For example, it has already proved to be successful in Poland.
Since 2008, over 200 companies active in different parts of the French transport industry have subscribed to Optifuel Programme. This represents a total of around 10,000 drivers. This programme has been highly praised by its users and provides tangible results. It can deliver a reduction in consumption of as much as 15% for a whole fleet.

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