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An eyeful of trucks

The new Renault Trucks application for iPhone, Truckers’ Gallery, allows drivers to share their finest photos of trucks with each other. Available free of charge from the App Store (and soon for Android), this one-of-a-kind gallery’s collection will be gradually built up by contributions from drivers all over the world. Once the application has been downloaded, everyone can add their own photos, watch the gallery as a slideshow or find a photograph by its description, a particular Renault Trucks model or even its geographical origin. This application complements the Renault Trucks application offering available from the Apps store including NavTruck, Deliver Eye or Renault Trucks Racing. It is above all designed for drivers and truck enthusiasts. 

Available as a free download from the App Store, the new Truckers’ Gallery application has been designed as a space where truck drivers and enthusiasts worldwide can share their photos with each other. They will be in charge of bringing this gallery to life, in particular by posting their own photos of Renault Trucks vehicles. They can also use it as a data base. Photo searches can be carried out on the basis of keywords, geographical location or by the specific Renault Trucks model shown. Once they have selected a particular photo, users can then send it to their contacts via e-mail or for download onto their mobile phone. Every month, the photo which earns the most votes will be highlighted and presented as the “photo of the month”.

In recent years, smartphones, and especially the iPhone, have come to play an increasingly important role in drivers’ everyday lives. Renault Trucks is keeping pace with this major shift by offering them applications to satisfy their wants and needs. There is Nav’Truck, the HGV specific GPS system and Deliver Eye, the application which allows a geo-located photo to be sent in the event of a delay or goods being damaged, both designed to make drivers’ everyday lives’ easier. And then there is Renault Trucks Racing, the truck racing simulation videogame as well as Truckers’ Gallery, both of which are designed for relaxation and sharing a common enthusiasm for trucks with everyone.  

All the manufacturer's applications can be found together by searching for "Renault Trucks" in the App Store or on Android Market.

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