Air France chooses the 100% electric Renault Midlum

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Air France chooses the 100% electric Renault Midlum

Recognised for their research in quieter and less-polluting vehicles, Renault Trucks and PVI at the request of Air France, has just delivered a series of electric Midlum vehicles to the airline. With zero greenhouse gas pollutant emissions and practically zero noise, the vehicles of tomorrow are gracing the airstrips of today.

Renault Midlum, a medium tonnage vehicle designed for the distribution market, is the ideal truck for vehicle fleets operating on airport runways. Although invisible to the public, their mission is crucial to the proper functioning of the airport. The reduction in environmental impact of ground equipment used at Air France bases is an important issue for the French airline. Consequently, it has ordered a series of electric Renault Midlums to renew its fleet of runway vehicles designed to deliver water to the planes and carry away their waste water. These vehicles have already been put into operation at the airports of Nantes, Strasbourg, Basel-Mulhouse, Bastia, Montpellier and Paris-Orly.

This 100% electric Renault Midlum with a GWV of 16 tons, was designed specifically for airport runway use. It is the product of a partnership between Renault Trucks, PVI and the Danish bodybuilder, Vestergaard. The power train used allows the movement of the chassis and generates a totally autonomous power supply to operate the equipment pumps and nacelles to access the aircraft over the period of a day’s work. All these operations will be carried out in 100% electric mode using traction batteries, thus eliminating pollutant emissions and noise. With Renault Midlum and Maxity, Renault Trucks and its partner PVI have been able to provide solutions to their customers which are adapted to specific applications, offering the most up-to-date electric vehicle technologies. This enables them to meet the most demanding environmental requirements of their customers who may need specific access to pedestrian areas, low emission or zero emission zones in city centres or parks and gardens, closed sites, etc. ...

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