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Road accident on the Cape to Cape expedition

On the road 104, between Iringa and Makamabako, in Tanzania, a Tanzanian lorry coming from the opposite direction swerved to the Cape to Cape convoy. It hit slightly the truck in front of the column (Kerax 2), knocking off its right side mirror, then headed towards the second truck (Kerax 1). The driver of the latter was forced to make an avoiding manoeuvre towards the verge, where the truck laid on its side. The Tanzanian lorry went on swerving and overturned as well.

We are deeply concerned that this road accident caused unfortunately a seriously injured person, the driver of the Tanzanian lorry, as well as two light wounded and to shocked people belonging to the expedition.

All these people were taken care of on the spot by the expedition doctor, who nevertheless had to call for an ambulance for the Tanzanian driver in order to take him to the nearest hospital.