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A Renault Trucks hybrid for Coca-Cola: a test vehicle in Brussels in July 2009

Renault Trucks and Coca-Cola have joined forces to create and test one of the first hybrid trucks in Europe: the Renault Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech. The truck will be on the road in July 2009 for Coca-Cola deliveries in Belgium.  With this environmentally friendly innovation, Coca-Cola aims to further lower its CO2 emissions and reduce its fuel consumption.

This summer, Renault Trucks and Coca-Cola Entreprises Belgium signed a letter of intent on the delivery in July 2009 of a pre-series vehicle fitted with hybrid technologies to be developed by the truck manufacturer: the Renault Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech.

Renault Trucks unveiled the Hybrys at the end of 2007, a new concept truck using so-called “parallel” hybrid technologies. With Renault Trucks preparing the hybrid vehicle for the road, the upscale from concept to reality is nigh…in the form of the Renault Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech. The reduction in fuel consumption and the consequent drop in CO2 emissions should be somewhere around 20%.

The principle of hybrid (or "parallel") technology developed by Renault Trucks is very straightforward: the vehicle's kinetic energy is recovered during braking or deceleration and converted into electricity. Stored in a battery located in the wheelbase, this electricity then supplies the MDS (Motor Drive System) electrical motor which provides power for starting the vehicle, supplying its electrical functions and propulsion up to 20 km/h. This means that the diesel engine is only used for those phases during which it consumes the least, i.e. when travelling. Apart from cutting emissions, the use of an electric motor in hybrid technology also significantly reduces noise levels.

Under these conditions, hybrid technology proves to be ideally adapted to urban applications - particularly during the early morning or night - with the constant acceleration and deceleration generating much lower noise levels. This is why the Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech was developed on the basis of the Renault Premium Distribution fitted with a DXi 7 diesel engine and the Optidriver+ gearbox.

From July 2009, then, this test vehicle will cover a delivery route of the famous manufacturer of non-alcoholic beverages in Brussels. For Renault Trucks, the objective of this partnership with Coca-Cola is to finalise the fine-tuning of a technology that has never been used for this form of urban distribution, under real operating conditions, ahead of a market launch at the end of 2009. Renault Trucks engineers and teams from Coca-Cola will also be working on the concept to bring the Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech into the urban landscape of the future.

Furthermore, from October 2008, Renault Trucks plans to test a Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech along similar lines for other applications, promising great things in terms of environmental impact.

Thanks to Renault Trucks, the different professions of the urban distribution sector will have fresh environmentally-friendly solutions to their needs in 2009.