A Premium distribution hybrys tech with silent Green bodywork, for Jacky Perrenot and the Casino Group

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A Premium distribution hybrys tech with silent Green bodywork, for Jacky Perrenot and the Casino Group

A new Renault Trucks Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech vehicle has been operating in the Lyon region since December. It was delivered to Transports Jacky Perrenot and is working for the Casino Group, delivering stock to its town centre stores. Fitted with Silent Green bodywork developed by Frappa, this vehicle complies with the Casino Group's City Green approach. Both quieter than a conventional vehicle, and emitting less CO2, this truck can carry out deliveries at night.

Since December, a 6x2 310 hp 26 t Premium Distribution Hybris Tech has been operating in the streets of Lyon to supply town centre stores belonging to the Casino chain with fresh and dry goods. The keys to the vehicle were presented to the transport company Jacky Perrenot, which will be working out of the Easydis warehouse at Grigny (Rhône), the Casino Group's logistics subsidiary.

At the wheel, Mario Tome, the company instructor at Jacky Perrenot, stresses that the Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech is, "Very easy to drive. It only takes you one delivery round to get used to it. Driving it is particularly enjoyable. To recharge the batteries properly and keep running on electrical power, you have to anticipate and have a more flexible style of driving." People are always taken aback when the vehicle is in electrical mode: "People turn around and stare when we go by," says Mario Tome with a smile. "They cannot understand how such a big truck can operate so quietly!"

Renault Trucks has been testing and developing hybrid technology for almost 3 years. It is particularly suitable for distribution activities in urban or periurban environments. Apart from a considerable saving in fuel of around 20% by using its all-electric mode, it also considerably reduces noise levels for those living in the vicinity.

The hybrid principle developed by Renault Trucks is straightforward: the vehicle's kinetic energy is recovered during braking or deceleration phases to be transformed into electricity. This energy is stored in the traction batteries which operate perfectly independently and do not need recharging from an exterior source. The energy they supply is used to drive the electric motor.

The vehicle starts in electric mode and then, once it has reached a speed of around 20 km/h, the Diesel engine takes over. This means that the internal combustion engine is only being used for the phases during which it consumes the least, i.e. phases other than start-up.
The Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech is fitted with a Silent Green refrigerated body developed by Frappa which earned the innovation award during the 2010 edition of the Solutrans tradeshow (Lyon). Its anti-slip aluminium floor, specially developed to reduce rolling noise, and its electrically raised rear door both significantly contribute to making operations quieter. Cooling is provided by a direct nitrogen system, meaning that no internal combustion engine is used, thereby eliminating noise during deliveries. This enables the Silent Green body to comply with Piek label requirements.

Furthermore, this cooling system produces no CO2 emissions. If this body offers greater comfort for those in the vicinity of its operations, it also offers many benefits to the carrier. The multi-temperature body makes it possible to deliver frozen products and fresh products to stores using the same vehicle. Finally, temperature can be reduced twice as fast, which is particularly useful for keeping vegetables under the best possible conditions.

This refrigerated vehicle is in line with the Casino Group's City Green strategy, adopted by its Easydis logistics subsidiary. Introduced in 2010, this determined policy aims to promote an increasingly respectful attitude to the environment by paying particular attention to the "last kilometre" - meaning the urban phase of the delivery process. With this in view, the Casino Group is using vehicles combining nitrogen technology and compliance with Piek label requirements. Ultimately, these new vehicles should make it possible to achieve annual savings of 1,200 t of CO2.

After being operated in the Lyon conurbation for a few days, the Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech had already won over local inhabitants and Casino store managers. For example, Karim Tolba, who manages a Petit Casino in Lyon – Charlemagne, and usually gets his deliveries at 5 AM in the morning, states: "There are lots of homes and many buildings close to the store. It's true that deliveries in the early morning can be a nuisance to those living nearby. These trucks are very well-suited to outlets in the town centre. We noticed that it was distinctly quieter, and some customers have commented on the improvement." A similar comment comes from Georges Paget, manager of the Tassin la Demi-Lune Casino supermarket which gets its deliveries at 5:30 AM, "There's no question about it, there was noise before. This new generation of trucks refrigerated by liquid nitrogen is a real improvement. Those living in the area can now sleep peacefully."

About the Casino Group:  
The Casino Group is one of the world's leading food retailers.  
With its strength built on a close relationship with its customers in both geographical and relational terms, Casino satisfies everyone's needs via its various formats and store chains: "Géant Casino", "Casino supermarché", "Franprix", "Leader Price", "Monoprix", "Petit Casino", "Spar”, “Vival” and “Cdiscount". Apart from its 9,500 outlets in France, the Group also operates 2,200 stores abroad, mainly in South America (Brazil and Colombia) and in south-east Asia (Thailand and Vietnam), which account for 40% of its business.
In 2010, the Casino Group generated a consolidated turnover of €29 billion. It has a total workforce of 230,000 worldwide.  

About Perrenot:
Set up in 1945 by Gaston Perrenot at Saint-Donat (Drôme, France), the Group's primary business was dealing in fruit and vegetables until, in 1965, it diversified into transport at the instigation of Jacky Perrenot, his son and the current CEO. Activities are currently organised around the "Zamenhof" holding which covers three areas of business of activity: Transport & Logistics, Fruit Trading and Real Estate.
The Transport branch within the Group currently operates 30 sites throughout France, has an annual income of €350 million, employs a staff of 3,100 and operates 2,500 motorised vehicles.

About Frappa:
With a century and a half of family history behind it, the Frappa Group has been able to preserve its regional roots and stay true to its founding principles, which are pride in doing a job well, combined with respecting and paying attention to customers. A bodybuilder and fitter, Frappa works to satisfy hauliers' every need by organising its activity into specific areas: Frappa Truck & Trailer (manufacture and sale of refrigerated vehicles), Frappa Facilities Solutions (vehicle hire, financing, servicing/maintenance network and used refrigerated vehicle trading) and Frappa Green Solutions (research & development focused on innovation and sustainable development for the benefit of all its products). In 2011, the Frappa Group, an SME in the Ardéche region of France, employed 160 people and generated a consolidated income of €35 million.

About Renault Trucks:
Encouraged by the enthusiasm, experience and determination of its 14,000 strong workforce, as well as its presence in over 100 countries at 1,500 sales and service outlets, Renault Trucks is a leader in the commercial vehicle manufacturing sector. Designing, manufacturing and distributing commercial vehicles from 2.7 to 60 t, Renault Trucks constantly demonstrates its commitment to put the pride back into road transport, a noble profession without which society would be unable to survive.

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