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A new "app" for the driver community

After NavTruck and Deliver Eye, Renault Trucks is continuing to develop applications for Smartphones designed to make everyday life easier for truck drivers. The latest of these, Selected for You, has been designed to develop the driver community in this world of "Apps". For in fact, it functions like a portal which drivers can use to find other drivers' favourite applications, vote for those they feel to be most relevant or the most useful and suggest new ones. With this portal, drivers can be sure of finding applications that meet their needs because they will have been selected by other drivers. Access to this portal is free and available from an iPhone (soon with Android) on the mobile web site : https://mobile.renault-trucks.com/SelectedForYou.

With so many applications now available for Smartphones, it is not always easy to choose between them and decide which one genuinely meets a real need. The Selected for You application has been developed with this in mind for the driver community. It is in fact a real portal which supplies drivers with a selection of applications which have been recommended by other drivers. This allows them to avoid carrying out tedious research, reassuring them that the applications will meet their real needs since they have been selected by other drivers.

They can then cast their vote on how useful they find the application to be, post comments and submit others for their colleagues to discover and vote on. For example, some of the most popular applications at the moment include one for the Rungis (south of Paris) international food market, a voice recognition system, an online directory and another which turns an iPhone into a torch! Of course, Selected for You also gives drivers links to all the Renault Trucks applications.

Access to this portal is free and available from an iPhone (soon with Android) on the mobile web site: https://mobile.renault-trucks.com/SelectedForYou.

Available applications:
- Selected for you: To find the most useful applications in a few seconds and share them with others.
- NavTruck: The only HGV dedicated GPS system available on the iPhone.
- Deliver Eye: The application which makes it possible to send a geo-tagged photo in the event of delays or damage to goods.
- Renault Trucks network: To find all sales and service points with a single click.
- Renault Trucks Racing: The truck racing simulation video game.
- Truckers Gallery:  To share a common passion via photos of trucks from all over the world.

Renault Trucks' applications are totally in phase with the Renault Trucks Deliver message. Initiated by the manufacturer several years ago, they are designed to revive a feeling of pride among those working in the road transport industry, particularly drivers, reminding them of the key role they play in today's society. Transport is one of the industries which has seen the greatest amount of modernisation over the last few years, with the introduction of the mobile Internet into drivers' everyday lives as revolutionary as the arrival of the Web in office environments. This is why Renault Trucks wishes to help them as much as possible, by supplying applications that satisfy their needs and meet their demands. This approach will be maintained for the future Smartphone applications Renault Trucks will be bringing out in the course of 2011.

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