A Midlum optimised to reduce fuel consumption

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A Midlum optimised to reduce fuel consumption

Renault Trucks' flagship vehicle in its urban range, the Midlum, is now available with an optimised pack to cut consumption. This "Optifuel" pack consists of a powertrain equipped with an Optitronic gearbox, power mode inhibition and an automatic engine cutout triggered after five minutes of stationary idling. This pack has been developed in partnership with Michelin. The vehicle will therefore be fitted with tyres made by this manufacturer, and there is also the possibility of signing up for the exclusive Michelin Euro Assist breakdown service, usually only available for Long Distance vehicles. The Midlum with the "Optifuel" pack is particularly designed for those making controlled temperature deliveries or operating parcels services.

In order to reduce the costs of hauliers operating in urban or periurban environments, Renault Trucks is now offering an Optifuel pack on the Midlum. This has been optimised to reduce consumption by as much as possible. This Midlum incorporates a powertrain with a robotised Optitronic gearbox and the option of making low consumption the priority rather than pulling power by inhibiting the "Power" mode. Furthermore, the vehicle is equipped with the "automatic engine cutout", a system which automatically shuts down the engine when the vehicle has been stationary, without any action from the driver, for five minutes.

Produced in partnership with Michelin, this Midlum comes with tyres produced by this manufacturer. This fit also comes with an exclusive opportunity to sign up to the Michelin Euro Assist 24/7 tyre repair service, usually only available for Long Distance vehicles.

The Midlum with the "Optifuel" pack is particularly designed for activities involving controlled temperature deliveries or those operating parcels services. It is only available in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

As a complement to this pack, and to reduce consumption even further, Renault Trucks recommends the use of roof and side deflectors, as well as the Optifuel Infomax consumption monitoring and analysis software. This programme makes it possible to extract consumption data from the vehicle, analysing it according to driving style and the type of assignment the vehicle is carrying out. It then displays differences compared with the fleet average in a very straightforward manner, using a colour code.

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