Renault Trucks Fast&Pro: at long last a service entirely dedicated to light commercial vehicles

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Renault Trucks Fast&Pro: at long last a service entirely dedicated to light commercial vehicles

Halfway between a car and a truck, the light commercial vehicle often has difficulty finding a place for itself in sales and service outlets. In order to satisfy the requirements of professionals who use them daily, Renault Trucks has set up Fast&Pro, a customised sales and maintenance service which is entirely dedicated to this type of vehicle. France has 40 outlets of this type including the four new centres in Poitiers, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Clermont Ferrand and Albertville, all receiving accreditation in February. Renault Trucks plans to reach one hundred Fast&Pro outlets at the end of 2010.

Fast&Pro was launched in test mode in 2005 before being rolled out for real the following year. It is a sales and maintenance service provided by Renault Trucks dealers. It offers light commercial vehicle users customised services for the purchase, after-sales service and maintenance of their vehicles. The workshop itself has special branding and adheres to specific standards.

To be Renault Trucks certified, a Fast&Pro workshop must respect strict and very precise criteria. In particular, they must offer a physical area which is separate from the rest of the workshop, personalised reception for customers and meet technical equipment requirements (tools, lifting bridge, spare part stores, etc..) and human resources requirements (specific Fast&Pro training for staff).

Whether self-employed, traders, building contractors or courier service operators, the customer is sure of finding an area which is entirely dedicated to light commercial vehicles upon entering a Fast&Pro workshop. This includes skill and quality standards which are accredited by Renault Trucks. They will be welcomed by specialised members of staff during extended opening hours, receive advice on light commercial vehicle purchases and subsequently, be able to rely on rapid and effective after-sales service provided by competent staff specially trained in light commercial vehicle maintenance, and the assurance of speedy repairs. Also, replacement vehicles are provided in the event of extended down-time. High-level services and operations are available in all Fast&Pro workshops, whatever their size or geographical location.

The concept can be adopted by small and large structures alike thanks to its flexibility, and concerns subsidiaries of the brand (former branches), now called RTCEs (Renault Trucks Commercial Europe) and private establishments. Indeed, the four most recent accreditations have been awarded to garages from the brand’s private dealership network: Bernis in Poitiers (86), Littoral VI in Boulogne-sur-Mer (62), Faurie Auvergne (63) and Vasseur Tarentaise in Albertville (73).

Whilst during the first year of service, there were only 12 centres in all of France, this figure doubled in the second year and climbed to 40. By the end of 2009, accreditation applications in progress would suggest that there will be a total of 50 Fast&Pro outlets and the objective for 2010 is 100. In the other countries, the concept is beginning its development, with 35 Fast&Pro centres up and running already. The objective is to cover those geographical areas where Renault Trucks is present as densely as possible.

With an average of 25,000 light commercial vehicles sold per year and 1,500 sales and service centres in over 100 countries, Renault Trucks is recognised as a specialist in the delivery business. It offers a wide range of transport solutions to professionals from that sector with the Master (2.8 to 3.5 T), the Maxity  (2.8 to 4.5 T) and the Mascott (3.5 to 6.5 T). Plus, they can be customised upon request ex-works with tipper, removable tipper, high-volume van or flatbed versions. As well as Fast&Pro to accompany customers and best satisfy their needs, Renault Trucks also offers a broad range of services: Expandys extended guarantee, Start&Drive repair and maintenance contract and short and long lease options with Clovis.

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