A high-tech breakdown vehicle to provide 24/7 assistance for Renault Trucks Lorraine

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A high-tech breakdown vehicle to provide 24/7 assistance for Renault Trucks Lorraine

It's at the toughest times when you find out if you can count on a real partner. With the 24/7, seven days a week, round-the-clock assistance service available throughout Europe, Renault Trucks and its network do everything to help immobilised drivers get back on the road in a minimum amount of time. To fulfil this mission as well as possible, the Renault Trucks Lorraine 24/7 service has acquired a unique emergency breakdown vehicle. Its decidedly high-tech design and brightly lit features emphasise the key role played by such a tool: serving customers who need breakdown assistance, whatever their brand of vehicle, wherever they may be, in all weathers and at any time. 

Despite their great reliability, it can happen that trucks suffer a breakdown which prevents them from completing their assignment on time. But this is an assignment which directly concerns consumers. To make sure that their supermarkets receive their deliveries as planned, it is absolutely vital that trucks stranded on the roadside remain there as briefly as possible. To achieve this, Renault Trucks operates a non-stop assistance service - the 24/7. A powerful symbol of the manufacturer's commitment to drivers and hauliers, it operates around the clock, seven days a week. With 1,500 service points and more than 1,000 emergency breakdown repair vehicles operating, Renault Trucks is able to carry out emergency repairs quickly and efficiently. This gets immobilised trucks back on the road as quickly as possible, maintaining hauliers' profitability and easing road congestion. Everyone wins!

Continuing with its production of innovative vehicles, Renault Trucks wanted to equip its Renault Trucks Lorraine branch with a spectacular and unique type of emergency breakdown vehicle. The product of a close collaboration between the Renault Trucks Hall of Design (HDD) and the graphic design and multimedia development agency Trafik, its innovative look echoes the glittering world of American trucks. "We are used to putting things in the spotlight," explains Pierre Rodière, founder of the Trafik agency. "We have combined several bright lights with a matte black finish. But quite apart from its aesthetic appearance, we also wanted to emphasise the notions of this being a working tool that provides a service by equipping it with high impact reflective 24 and 7 signs that remain clearly visible by day or by night."

If these various light sources contribute to giving the vehicle a spectacular appearance, they also serve to warn motorists of the danger ahead from a considerable distance. In the end, this results in minimising any risk of accident. A further safety concern is addressed by having the winches and booms deployed via a remote control rather than a module fixed on the bodywork.
This emergency breakdown vehicle is a Renault Kerax 8x4 520 hp with a GCW of 32 t, fitted with Jigé International's Mega 45 equipment. In particular, this includes a hydraulic triple extension boom with a lifting capacity of 45 t, two 24 tonne hydraulic winches, one hydraulic double extension lifting boom and a full set of accessories. It will provide emergency breakdown services for all trucks on the freeway between Lunéville, Charmes and Laxou under a delegated public service agreement obtained following a call for tender and more broadly for the entire Meurthe-et-Moselle département, for those calling the 24/7 service.

"With this emergency breakdown vehicle that is very much one-of-a-kind in terms of its innovative design and cutting-edge equipment, we have a powerful tool for providing better service to our customers in trouble, whether they are loyal to Renault Trucks or not," explains Charles Cordier, director of Renault Trucks Lorraine.

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