50 Premium distance for Camion group BT. in Hungary

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50 Premium distance for Camion group BT. in Hungary

The Hungarian subsidiary of Renault Trucks has delivered 50 460hp Premium Long Distance to the transport company Camion Group Bt. Selection was subject to real-life comparative tests. During those tests, the Premium Long Distance obtained the best consumption results. Furthermore, the company opted for the Optifuel Programme for its vehicles, which includes a rational training course (Optifuel Training), consumption monitoring and analysis software (Optifuel Infomax) and long-term monitoring (Club Optifuel Programme).

Last July, Camion Groupe Bt., a transport company in the west of Hungary, received 50 460hp Premium Long Distance from Renault Trucks, with Optifuel Programme. The latter includes Optifuel Training, the rational driving course, and Optifuel Infomax, a piece of software that monitors and analyses consumption and driving styles.

Mr Andras Jambor chose Renault Trucks after a series of real-life comparative tests where several brands were set off against each other. Begun during the winter, they continued through the spring. Starting from the Hungarian town of Zalaegerszeg, the test circuit took in countries like Italy, Slovenia and Germany. Mr Jambor was looking for the most economical vehicle over the long term, given his concern for fuel efficiency. Faithful to its reputation as the most economical truck on the market, Premium Long Distance took top spot.

The vehicles and rational training courses will be delivered by Optifuel experts from Renault Trucks’ Hungarian subsidiary.


Picture caption n° 2 (from left to right) : Mr. Jean-François Gatineau, Mrs Jambor and Mr. Jambor.

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