50 Magnum at Magny-Cours celebrating 20 years of success

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50 Magnum at Magny-Cours celebrating 20 years of success

20 years of success is certainly something to celebrate! And to do it in style, Renault Trucks is organising a gathering of Renault Magnum vehicles open to all enthusiasts of this legendary truck at the Magny-Cours track on 2 and 3 July during the French Truck Racing Championship Grand Prix. The programme will include a parade of 50 Magnums and a photo exhibition taking up more than 100 m² chronicling these past two decades. To be one of the 50 lucky participants who will open the grand parade at Magny-Cours, Magnum owners must post a photo of their vehicle on the www.jentredanslalegende.com site.

20 years ago, in 1991, the Renault Magnum was presented with the truck of the year award. This was also an acknowledgement of a completely revolutionary concept - for it was the first vehicle with a totally flat cab floor which satisfied drivers' demands for greater on-board comfort and practicality. 20 years on, Renault Trucks wants to commemorate the event as well as the two decades of success this truck has enjoyed by organising a genuine five generation family reunion, to which those belonging to the community of enthusiasts for this often copied - but never equalled - vehicle will be invited.
The Magny-Cours Grand Prix on 2 and 3 July will therefore provide the setting for this grand gathering around the Magnum. To mark the special event, 50 carefully selected vehicles will open the traditional decorated truck parade before lining up to form a superb guard of honour. They will include Magnums representing all five generations, but also decorated Magnums, special editions and more. In other words, the cream of the Magnum crop!
To be one of the happy participants in the parade, all hopeful Magnum owners have to do is sign up on the www.jentredanslalegende.com site and post a photo of their finest Magnum. There are two trophies to be won: the "Manufacturer's favourite" and the "Drivers' favourite". So get polishing that chrome!  

The festivities around the Magny Cours Grand Prix will also be an opportunity to browse through the Magnum photo album, since an exhibition area of 100 m² will allow visitors to become totally absorbed in the Magnum success story. Vehicles from all five Renault Magnum generations will also be on display to the public. This will be a totally unique and outstanding gathering, which drivers will long remember and be proud to tell everyone that "I was there!"

From the outset, the Renault Magnum made an impression on its time. Everyone remembers the impact of its revolutionary concept at its launch in 1990. A totally flat cab floor, headroom of 1.87 m - now over 2 m - unequalled roominess, total freedom to move around on board, and more. Ever since, the Renault Magnum has been constantly improved and refined. Just take a look at its success story.  
- 1990: the Magnum is launched, a long distance truck with revolutionary architecture. For the past 20 years, it has maintained - while continually improving - its matchless level of comfort and safety.  
- 1996: the Magnum is fitted with the European version of the Mack E7 6 cylinder engine produced by the American firm Mack Trucks, a Renault Trucks subsidiary at the time. Furthermore, from 1990 to 2000, the Magnum's most ambitious versions were fitted with the prestigious Mack V8, delivering from 500 to 560 hp.  
 - 1997: Magnum Intégral crowns the gradual transformation of its driveline with a new cab layout designed to make this even more, "a truck to live with".  
- 2001: a new cab layout concept is offered in several different versions and a new cab front is introduced.  
- 2005: the driveline is updated, in keeping with the policy of constantly upgrading the technologies used in the Magnum.  
- 2007: the first special edition - Magnum Vega - is introduced.  
- 2008: the cab is once again redesigned and equipped with new fittings. Headroom is now increased to over 2 m!
- 2009: the Magnum is the first European truck to cross the United States on route 66. The following year, a special edition is introduced in the colours of this legendary road.

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