40 Premium Long Distance with Optifuel Infomax for the turkish compagny FEM Logistics

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40 Premium Long Distance with Optifuel Infomax for the turkish compagny FEM Logistics

Renault Trucks has delivered 40 Renault Premium Long Distance Euro V vehicles to Fem Logistics (Keskinoğlu Group), refrigerated transport market leader in Turkey. The Premium Long Distance’s low consumption and the fuel savings delivered by the robotised Optidriver+ gearbox and Optifuel Infomax were the decisive factors influencing the company's decision to choose Renault Trucks. Furthermore, Fem Logistics knew it could rely on the quality and efficiency of the Renault Trucks network in Turkey for all its aftersales needs.

Fem Logistics (Keskinoğlu Group), the market leader in Turkey for refrigerated transport, has just taken delivery of 40 Premium Long Distance 460 hp, 19 t vehicles. These now form part of the company's 150 vehicles fleet and will be used to carry food products for its customers. "We chose the Premium Long Distance fitted with the Optidriver+ gearbox for its efficient consumption and low level of CO2 emissions, which meet our environmental criteria, but also for the Renault Trucks network aftersales support," explains İsmail Keskinoğlu, a member of the Keskinoğlu Group board. "Our aim was to reduce consumption, which is now our largest cost centre, while at the same time continuing to offer our customers an excellent quality of service. The robotised Optidriver+ gearbox has allowed us to minimise differences between drivers and establish a fuel consumption standard. In addition, the Optifuel Infomax software enables us to measure driver and vehicle performance after each delivery round and thereby optimise our fleet management," he concludes.

This sale is in addition to a previous delivery of 25 vehicles to Fem Logistics in 2010. It further reasserts Renault Trucks' ability to provide its customers with the very best of technology and services to reduce fuel consumption and contribute to minimising the impact its customers' activities have on the environment.

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