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35 "extreme cold" Kerax vehicles for road maintenance in Russia

Russian road maintenance, cleaning and repair company Rosdorstroy has decided to add 35 Renault Kerax vehicles equipped with the "Extreme Cold" pack to its fleet. Having already been chosen to work on Russian construction sites and mining operations, the Kerax will therefore now also be operating on icy roads and snowed up sites around St Petersburg, a city famous for its harsh weather conditions.

Because of its high payload, the best ground clearance on the market and its optimised pulling power, the Kerax enjoys an excellent reputation in Russia. In 2009, it was awarded the "Best HGV" prize and elected "Truck of the Year" in 2010. And now, once again, the Kerax has been adopted by a major Russian company. For this autumn, Renault Trucks Vostok delivered 35 6x4 rigids to Rosdorstroy, a St Petersburg-based company specialised in repairing, maintaining and cleaning roads. To date, it operates a fleet of around 100 trucks, one third of which is now made up of Kerax vehicles.
The 34 ton GVW vehicles with DXi11 380 hp engines will be working under very severe, wintery conditions in St Petersburg and the surrounding area. They are therefore equipped with the "Extreme Cold" pack consisting of a system to pre-heat the engine oil when the vehicle is at a standstill to make starting up easier. It also uses specific cooling liquids capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -40°C, a fuel heater as well as an independent heating system in the cab to provide the driver with maximum safety and comfort. These Kerax are also fitted with crushers to remove ice from road surfaces and snowplough type equipment.

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