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With its superb payload and optimised size, Renault Trucks’ “proper little truck” is the just the ticket in many different situations. Won over by the record payload and sturdiness of the 3.5 ton model, the Italian company Socage, a market leader on the aerial platform segment, has just purchased 300 of them. They will mostly be equipped with the latest generation platform, allowing elevation up to 24 metres. The compactness and sturdiness of Renault Maxity and Renault Trucks’ after-sales service were the main reasons behind the Italian company’s interest. Specifically designed for delivery activities in urban environments, the Renault Maxity is totally compatible with the new Renault Master as part of Renault Trucks' LCV range.

Compact, robust and with a record payload, Renault Maxity is available in many different versions. The Italian company, Socage, has just purchased 300 of them in the 3.5 ton version to fit them with its lifting platforms and, in particular, the latest generation platform which reaches 24 metres, a record for the segment. “The manufacturers of aerial platforms are most interested in weight-saving”, explains Fiorenzio Flisi, MD of Socage. “We developed this product by re-thinking the structure using lighter, special steels which are just as sturdy as traditional steels”. But the chassis also plays a role in achieving this. From this point of view, for Fiorenzio Flisi, the Renault Maxity is the perfect partner. “We are very familiar with the characteristics of all chassis up to 3.5 tons and we ran checks to make sure that Renault Maxity was the lightest in its category. With this model we gain around 100 kilos on the equipment, and it is precisely this characteristic which allows us to get as high as 24 metres”.
But although it is small and compact, Renault Maxity is no less robust for it and it is especially designed for carrying heavy loads, in particular on the rear axle, another reason for the Italian manager’s interest. “We use twin wheels because the equipment we use is heavy on the back end of the vehicle”, continues Mr Flisi. “But Renault Trucks offers something more than its competitors. In the 3.5 ton version the Renault Maxity is fitted with reinforced leaf springs identical to those used on the 4.5 ton version. For us, this is a benefit in terms of cost and productivity, because with an alternative model we would have to add on a leaf spring at the back”.
Renault Trucks’ maintenance and after-sales service commitment was also a winning argument for Socage. “Renault Trucks has a dedicated after-sales network, specialising in light-commercial vehicles who are used to dealing with professional customers for whom speed of execution is crucial and working with vehicles which are technologically highly complex”, concludes Flisi. The Italian manager is talking in particular about the Fast&Pro network set up by Renault Trucks, entirely dedicated to the sale and maintenance of light-commercial vehicles. Fast&Pro centres have to respect a strict specification which in particular requires that they have a reserved and physically separate area of the workshop from the HGV workshop, long opening hours and members of staff exclusively dedicated to this light-commercial vehicle area. Fast&Pro also offers quick maintenance packs, replacement vehicles, safety diagnostics and, in France for example, transport of vehicles to the location of their technical inspection.
Reliable, robust, practical, comfortable and safe, Maxity is a proper little truck, designed and manufactured according to the highest possible quality specifications. It is covered by the Renault Trucks network, a team of professionals working for professionals. Maxity, with its high payload, maximum space saving and optimised dynamic features, is the ideal partner for delivery in the urban environment.

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