2017 RTEC after-sales challenge: 24 international teams in the final

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2017 RTEC after-sales challenge: 24 international teams in the final

The first stage of the 2017 edition of the Renault Trucks RTEC after-sales challenge has now ended. 5285 candidates from 49 countries competed against each other in theoretical tests and 24 teams were chosen to take part in the international grand final to be held in Lyon, the birthplace of Renault Trucks, on 17 May.

The pre-selection stage of the 2017 RTEC (Road To Excellence Championship) finished recently, with 24 teams from 20 different countries qualifying for the international final, which will take place in Lyon on 17 May 2017, to determine the “Best Renault Trucks after-sales team”. The competing teams come from France, Algeria, Turkey, Ghana, Denmark, Switzerland, Sultanate of Oman, Spain, Belgium, Russia, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Italy, Portugal, Israel, Austria, Bulgaria, Slovenia and the United Kingdom.

The qualifying teams, each comprising a maximum of four people, will face each other over six practical tests performed in real conditions in the manufacturer’s training workshop. The situations presented to the 24 teams resemble those facing technicians in their daily work. Technically very varied, the tests cover all stages of after-sales service, with the challenge lying in teams being able to distribute tasks effectively according to the respective skills of the team members

This year, echoing the main competition, Renault Trucks is organising a special edition for students, called RTEC Junior. The manufacturer has invited 21 students from the final year of Les Catalins Technical High School in Montélimar (Drôme) to take part in theoretical texts based on knowledge of industrial vehicles and spare parts. The top two teams will be given the opportunity to attend the international final in Lyon. By organising RTEC Junior, Renault Trucks will be looking to promote careers in the automotive industry and reveal the talents of the future.

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