Winter safety with the Renault Trucks D range

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Winter safety with the Renault Trucks D range

Renault Trucks D Range vehicles can be fitted with equipment specially designed for the toughest weather conditions. With an automatic chain system and heated windscreens, they can tackle harsh winters in complete safety.

Featuring panoramic windscreens, two-part rear-view mirrors, daytime running headlights and glazed door sills, D Range trucks provide optimal visibility in all weather. However, as the safety of the driver and goods, together with reliability and mobility, need to be guaranteed in all weather conditions,

Renault Trucks proposes optional equipment that ensure drivers can brave the cold with complete peace of mind.

Renault Trucks D vehicles can be factory-fitted with the Onspot automatic tyre chain system. Drivers flip a dashboard switch to release the system fixed under the chassis. Using centrifugal force, chains are deployed between the road surface and the tyres, ensuring the vehicle gets a good grip on ice and snow. This fully automatic system ensures driver remain safe and comfortable, as they no longer need to get out of their cabs.

Heated windscreens are available on D Range trucks to ensure perfect visibility after frost or snow. Thanks to an electrical resistance positioned between the sheets of glass, windscreens clear rapidly and the system prevents the buildup of snow each side of the windscreen during driving, making it particularly suitable for trucks clearing snow.

Vehicles operated in very cold conditions can also be fitted with diesel pre-heaters, which make it easier to start the truck in low temperatures, or electric heating rods that keep the engine at a constant temperature. Vehicles can therefore always be started, even in negative temperatures. This equipment is particularly suited to emergency vehicles, where mobility needs to be guaranteed irrespective of weather conditions.

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