MKR Technology: a winning client with REnault Trucks

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MKR Technology: a winning client with REnault Trucks

After having won the European Truck Racing championship with Renault Trucks, over the last two years, the MKR Technology team has been focusing on Rally raids. Following its excellent 6th position in the 2016 Dakar, the K 520, entered by the Dutch Mammoet Rallysport team backed by Renault Trucks, has just scored a second victory in a row during the Libya Rally.

And another! After its victory last year, the K 520, entered by MKR Technology and driven by Martin van den Brink from the Mammoet Rallysport team, has chalked up a second decisive victory in the 2016 Libya Rally. Fought out on Moroccan terrain due to the political situation in Libya, the Rally put drivers and vehicles to the most stringent of tests. After having his fair share of problems, Martin van den Brink was the driver who showed the greatest ability to overcome the challenges of the punishing tracks in the Atlas Mountains and the dunes of the Merzouga desert.

We have talented clients! MKR Technology proudly waves the Renault Trucks flag in Rally Raid events and we are very proud to be behind them,” states Bruno Blin, the Renault Trucks President. “This victory highlights our trucks’ sturdiness and the expertise of Mario Kress when it comes to preparing competition vehicles.

For his part, Mario Kress, the team manager certainly delivered the goods: “Compared with the 2016 Dakar, we have improved turbo management, and worked on the axles and brakes. We tested them on the Moroccan roads and are very pleased with the result: we had an extremely reliable truck in this Rally and that’s what everything depends on.

The team’s next challenge will be the Silkway Rally from Moscow to Beijing from 8 - 24 July, which will of course be looking towards the 2017 Dakar Rally, for which the route has just been announced and will, for the first time, be starting in Paraguay.

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