Renault Trucks referencing renewed by the UGAP

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Renault Trucks referencing renewed by the UGAP

Renault Trucks has been reselected following an invitation to submit tenders issued by the UGAP (Central Public Purchasing Agency) for supplying local authorities and public departments with commercial vehicles. The manufacturer will continue to feature in the public purchasing agency’s general catalogue until 2019. Renault Trucks is the sole brand to be listed for all ranges of vehicles from 3.5 - 32 tonnes.

Renault Trucks has been featured in the UGAP (Central Public Purchasing Agency) catalogue for local authorities and government departments for several years. This body has just shown its ongoing confidence in Renault Trucks by extending its listing in the catalogue from 2016-2019. Renault Trucks is the only automotive manufacturer to be represented in each section of the invitation to tender. Renault Trucks vehicles therefore feature in three distinct categories: from 3.5 t to 7.4 t, from 7.5 t to 18 t and finally over 19 t. The vehicles concerned are the Renault Master and Maxity, Renault Trucks D, D WIDE, D Access, and the Renault Trucks T, C and K.

It’s the quality of workmanship our teams have put in over the last few years which has enabled Renault Trucks to once again be well placed in the results of the latest UGAP invitation to tender,” states Philippe Gorjux, Commercial Director Renault Trucks France. “This renewal gives us access to a potential market of over 600 vehicles a year. It’s now up to us to convince actors in the public sector to choose our trucks on the basis of our network and service quality.

About the UGAP
The UGAP is a Governmental public entity operating under the dual auspices of the Ministry of Finance and the National Educational Authority. The only French general-purpose national purchasing agency, the UGAP is a specific actor in public purchasing which managed orders totaling 2.45 billion Euros ex-tax in 2015. It mainly serves regional authorities, Governmental Departments and public bodies, the social sector and public healthcare establishments.
Via the purchases it makes, the UGAP is a means of implementing public policies in terms of spending rationalisation, sustainable development, support for SMEs, local jobs and innovation. 606 companies have access to a market, 58% of which is made up of Very Small, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, while 27% are Intermediate-sized Enterprises. In 2013,, the UGAP was awarded the “Responsible Supplier Relationships” label by the Inter-company Mediation and Public Market Mediation bodies. Learn more at:

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