Used trucks: A Renault Premium Selection 460 equipped with Optifleet

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Used trucks: A Renault Premium Selection 460 equipped with Optifleet

Renault Trucks is launching a limited edition for its used vehicle customers: the Renault Premium Selection 460 Euro 5, which now comes with a multimedia equipment kit and Optifleet, the Renault Trucks fleet management solution plus a free 12 month subscription. This offer is available until 31 July 2015.

For its used vehicle customers, Renault Trucks offers a Premium Selection 460 Euro 5, with less than 480,000 km on the clock, incorporating an on-board Optifleet IT solution as well as various items of multimedia equipment. Optifleet, a decision-making aid, fleet monitoring and management solution, enables hauliers to increase their operational cost efficiency.

When a customer purchases a Renault Premium Selection 460, Renault Trucks activates three Optifleet modules (Check/Map/Drive). With this subscription, provided free of charge for the first year, operators can geo-locate their vehicles in real time, consult technical details remotely, monitor drivers’ driving and rest time as well as download data from the tachograph and driver cards. Once the free 12 month period has expired, customers have the opportunity of renewing their Optifleet subscription.

In addition to being equipped with Optifleet, this limited edition is also fitted with latest generation multimedia equipment: a Pioneer 7 inch tactile screen, DVD, MP3 CD, USB and Bluetooth player, compatible with a smart phone and use of the NavTruck HGV special GPS navigation application.

This Renault Premium Selection can also be fitted with the Optifuel Infomax fuel consumption monitoring and consumption analysis software.

Currently, there are now 3,000 vehicles equipped with Optifleet operating in France.

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