Renault Trucks France Drive Tour 2015 : proof by testing

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Renault Trucks France Drive Tour 2015 : proof by testing

Renault Trucks invites its French customers to test its entire range of vehicles and associated services, such as the Optifuel Solutions offers, during the Drive Tour 2015. Carried out in two phases, this event was first of all held in Lyon between 16 and 25 June at La Valbonne and will continue in Paris at the Montlhéry track on 8-9-10 September and 15-16-17 September. This concerns the Long Distance, Construction and Distribution ranges and the services adapted for them to make vehicles into profit centres.

Because a test drive under actual operating conditions is more meaningful than even the best sales arguments, Renault Trucks has launched its Drive Tour 2015. During this event, organised in Lyon and Paris, its customers are given the opportunity of testing its entire range of vehicles and the services that go with them, such as Optifuel Solutions, to identify those which are best suited to their business and will contribute to making their vehicles genuine profit centres. The Long Distance, Construction and Distribution ranges will be represented by vehicles ranging from 1.8 to 32 t.

To help customers reduce fuel consumption, Renault Trucks is presenting its Optifuel offering consisting of Optifuel Training, its instruction in economic driving, Optifuel Infomax, the fuel consumption measurement and analysis software and Optifleet, the fleet management solution. Renault Trucks customers, accompanied by Renault Trucks experts, will have 13 vehicles available for road trial testing:

  • 2 T 460 Optifuel
  • 1 T 440 Sleeper cab
  • 1 T 520 High Sleeper cab
  • 1 C 440 T4X2 Optitrack
  • 1 C 460 8X4 face AV K
  • 1 cab 2,3 6X4
  • 1 K 430 6X4
  • 1 K 480 8X4
  • 1 K 480 8X6
  • 1 D  2,1 250 hp 16t
  • 1 D Wide 6x2 *4
  • 1 Master 4x4
  • 3 Renault Trucks K rigids (6x4 and 8x4)

11 static vehicles will also be on display:

1 T 460 Optifuel
1 C 430 8X4 X-Load
1 C 460 8X4 Tridem
1 C 440 6X4 Optitrack
1 C 460 6X4 Bibenne
1 K 520 8X4 X-TREM
1 D 280 hp 13 t
1 D Wide 320 hp 19 t
1 D Cab 2 m 6.5 t
1 Master panel van
1 Master aluminium tipper

In the course of this event, Renault Trucks will also be organising workshops presenting the various service offerings associated with its vehicles. Customers will have the opportunity of talking to experts from Renault Trucks and our partners (Michelin, Renault Trucks Oils and Alcoa) on the issues they are faced with on a day-to-day basis, particularly those associated with fuel consumption (technical innovation, management tools, instruction in economic driving, etc.) or fleet management. Customers wishing to take part in this event can contact their local dealer.

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