Success for the first aftersales challenge organised by Renault Trucks

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Success for the first aftersales challenge organised by Renault Trucks

The finals of the first European challenge devoted to Renault Trucks aftersales took place in Lyon in late April 2015. This competition, called RTEC, is designed to highlight the Renault Trucks network’s expertise in customer service quality. The final podium was made up of the French, Italian and Portuguese teams. A special prize for the best team spirit was given to the British team.

The first RTEC (Road to Excellence Championship) challenge devoted to aftersales has just come to an end. Open to the European Renault Trucks network, over 2,000 staff members forming 550 teams entered the theoretical rounds in September 2014, aiming to win the “Best Renault Trucks aftersales team” crown. In late April, only the 10 best European teams from seven countries (UK, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Luxembourg and Portugal) remained to contest the final.

During the closing ceremony, Bruno Blin, Renault Trucks’ president, stated, “This first European aftersales challenge has just come to an end. But in the field, the competition is as keen as ever to provide our customers with excellent services so as to guarantee their satisfaction and improve their cost efficiency.” After having congratulated those taking part, he went on to highlight: “Our network’s level of technical expertise and the quality of service our teams constantly strive to give customers has made this challenge a tough competition.”

The entrants had to compete against each other in five different areas. Each included a theoretical section and a practical section, the latter consisting of repairing and carrying out maintenance operations in real-life situations on vehicles from the new Renault Trucks range.

The situations encountered in these workshops were real and corresponded to those the technicians would have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. All the finalists had to deliver the best possible service, as a team, just as they would in the course of their regular work for their customers. The workshop challenges they were given were technically very varied, ranging from vehicle reception right through to the customer handover: fitting a rotating warning light, checking a repaired gearbox can be refitted to the vehicle, changing an injection pump, solving an electrical failure as well as a mechanical malfunction.

The ability to solve the problem and how it was achieved, team spirit, correct usage of Renault Trucks aftersales instruments and the choice of tools, were the main criteria on which the teams were judged.

The winner of this first aftersales challenge was the Renault Trucks team that represented Renault Trucks Grand Lyon, based at Corbas (Rhône - France). Consisting of a vehicle reception agent, team leader, a 24/7 repair mechanic and an electrician, they explained their victory in these terms: “We applied the Renault Trucks aftersales procedures and used the right tools, just as we always do in our workshop. Our complementarity and team spirit also helped: we operated in twos, which changed according to the problem set so as to benefit from our respective fields of expertise.” They concluded by saying, “It was our experience which was so decisive. The problems were realistic, and very much the kind of thing we come up against every day.”

Auto Service (Italy) came second. Questioned immediately after learning their ranking, they highlighted their “Pride in working for the Renault Trucks brand” and considered this excellent result to be recognition of their daily dedication to satisfying their customers.

The Renault Trucks Commercial importer team based in Lisbon (Portugal), earned the third place on the podium. Its members stated: “We feel very proud to be the third best aftersales team in Europe! We make up a real team in our everyday working lives, and that’s no doubt what helped us achieve this excellent result.”

A special award, for the team with the best team spirit, was given to Woodwards Truck and Van Centre (UK).

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