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Renault Trucks takes the "Lumière! Inventing Cinema!" exhibition to the Grand Palais

On 27 March 2015, the “Lumière! Inventing Cinema” exhibition opened at the Grand Palais in Paris to mark 120 years of cinematographic history. For the first time, the collections from the Lumière Institute are leaving Lyon and Renault Trucks is taking part in this operation by transporting a number of works to Paris on board a Renault Trucks T, voted International Truck of the Year 2015.

The cinema was born in Lyon in 1895. To celebrate this anniversary, the Lumière Institute is organising the “Lumière! Inventing Cinema” exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris from 27 March to 14 June 2015. In 1894, also in Lyon, the Berliet company was founded, which subsequently became Renault VI and then Renault Trucks. “Renault Trucks and the Lumière Institute have a great deal in common,” explains Julie Marconnet, in charge of sponsoring and patronage at Renault Trucks. “Pioneers in the automobile industry and the cinema, they are both located in Lyon and have more than a century of history behind them. Renault Trucks is backing the Lumière Institute in this celebration of the cinema’s invention via a partnership demonstrated by our transporting works for the exhibition from Lyon to Paris.”

Transportation of the Lumière Institute collection is being provided by a Renault Trucks T, voted International Truck of the Year 2015. The Lumière cinematograph, as well as some works from the Lumière Institute, were first of all packed in customised wooden crates. Transport to the Grande Palais was then carried out at a controlled temperature to keep the works in perfect condition. This delicate mission was carried out by the Marseilles haulage company Léon Aget, which is specialised in art transport.

Renault Trucks has been a partner of cultural institutions for many years. For example, also during this season, Renault Trucks is the official carrier of sets for the Lyon Théâtre des Célestins.

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