Renault Trucks gets a showroom: The Renault Trucks Square

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Renault Trucks gets a showroom: The Renault Trucks Square

The Renault Trucks Square is the name of the new Renault Trucks showroom which opened for the first time on 2 March. This 1,200 m² exhibition area, with room to display 10 or more vehicles, will now be welcoming customers, journalists and elected representatives visiting the Lyon site, where the brand originated.

An area entirely devoted to the brand, the Renault Trucks Square has been designed to offer customers, journalists and public authorities an attractive way of discovering the new ranges of vehicles and the services associated with them. This facility can also be made available to the dealership network or in-house teams on demand. “The Renault Trucks Square will be an excellent promotional tool for our brand, our trucks and our services,” explains Catherine Bach, Renault Trucks’ communications director. “It is a place that shows our colours and values to best advantage and enables us to welcome visitors in a friendly environment where they can familiarise themselves with the Renault Trucks world, surrounded by the trucks on display.”

The Renault Trucks Square is located on the brand’s original site at Saint-Priest (Rhône). Covering an area of 1,200 m², this facility can accommodate over 100 people. As soon as they enter the huge hall, visitors are drawn into the Renault Trucks world with reminders of the brand’s auspicious 120 year old history. Several scale models are on display, from the very earliest Berliet trucks to the futuristic Optifuel Lab 2, the Renault Trucks laboratory vehicle featuring the many innovative technologies that have been developed to reduce fuel consumption.

The Showroom is made up of two, totally flexible, exhibition areas. On one hand, there is a conference area equipped with state-of-the-art audio and video technology in a 100 seater auditorium. There is also an exhibition area in which vehicles from the current Renault Trucks range are on display, together with an interactive terminal showcasing the services that come with them, as well as two Euro 6 compliant engines.

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