Customers have adopted the new Construction ranges

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Customers have adopted the new Construction ranges

The new Renault Trucks C and K Construction ranges are continuing to gain ground in Europe. Customers who took delivery of their vehicles in 2014 have been able to observe the vehicles’ characteristics for themselves: ruggedness, high payload, low fuel consumption and outstanding working comfort for their drivers. Here are a number of testimonials from customers in the UK, Switzerland, France, Spain, Russia and the Netherlands.

It is just over a year and a half since the new Renault Trucks C and K construction ranges were launched on the market. The feedback from the European customers who have chosen to incorporate these new vehicles into their fleets has been highly positive.

“In our business, if we guarantee our customers a 20 tonne payload, then that is what we deliver” explains Mac McMurdo, General Manager of the British company G. Webb Haulage Ltd, which specialises in the transport and disposal of waste. The new Range C provides the perfect solution: “When researching new Euro 6 vehicles, and in particular the chassis, the Renault TrucksC was especially light.” The Renault Trucks C 8x4 which he incorporated into his fleet is his first Renault Trucks vehicle. After several months’ experience operating it, the assessment is more than positive: “The initial fuel consumption figures are looking good, our drivers are also really happy; they like the ride and the big cab: Overall we are really happy with our first Renault purchase.”

Since expending his fleet with four Renault Trucks C 320 6x2 vehicles, Martin Moran, Director of MP Moran, a company specialising in distributing building and plumbing materials, has also noticed significant gains in fuel efficiency: “We’ve started cross-referencing the fuel figures and we are noticing a preliminary fuel saving in excess of 10%. Our drivers are really happy with the new trucks and have commented on the driver-friendly Range C cab” he states enthusiastically. “We have had Renault product on our fleet since 2010 and we have been really impressed by their performance and reliability, so we were keen to bring the new Euro 6 vehicles on board.”

Terrafirma Roadways Ltd, specialising in the delivery of temporary road systems, uses two Renault Trucks C 430 6x4 vehicles. “Our trucks are used extensively off road,” explains the company’s managing director Hugh Robertson. “The automated Optidriver gearbox on the Range C is particularly well-suited to our operation, as well as the ground clearance.” I also really like the Renault Optifleet telematics system, which is a great management tool and allow us to monitor how the operator is using and driving the vehicle.”

In Switzerland, JPF Construction SA was the first company to take delivery of a Renault Trucks C with a five axle configuration: “The decision to acquire this vehicle was taken by a committee made up of representatives from the workshop and driver teams,” recalls Jean-Gabriel Kolly, the logistics manager. “Renault Trucks offered a very good technical solution and the positive experience we have already had with this manufacturer was a further incentive.” One of the drivers of the new C 480, Rosario Cucuzza, gives his opinion: “Compared with previous generation vehicles, this truck is like a limousine! It is highly manoeuvrable and very comfortable.”

Also in Switzerland, MST SA in collaboration with Henry Transports, a few months ago also opted for Renault Trucks C vehicles with a five axle 10x4 configuration: “The 16, 15 t unladen weight of our 10x4 five axle vehicles is particularly competitive, enabling us to optimise the use of the 17 m³ tipper capacity,” explains Yves Morand, the director of MST SA. “Furthermore, the Optidriver robotised manual gearbox, which is very pleasant to use for the driver, contributes to reducing fuel consumption and the engine swiftly reaches full power in a very low gear.” Equipped with a motorised tipper and ejector, the two C 520 vehicles are “suitable for all sorts of worksite haulage tasks.”

In France, the Martel Group, specialised in public works, opted for the Renault Trucks K. It was the vehicle’s ruggedness that convinced its managing directors, Fabrice Martel and Lionel Martel, to choose a K 8x4 for particularly intensive applications: “This vehicle replaces an articulated dumper,” they explain. “On quarry floors, the ground is very hard and with the dumper’s sharp turning radius, we ended up breaking the drive axles. With the Renault Trucks K, we can load as much as I like and it only costs us half as much! It perfectly meets all the demands of our activity which is very specific.” This K is the first Renault Trucks vehicle to join their fleet. Subsequently, they ordered two other worksite versions, now in the process of being delivered.

Last autumn, ADS Dépannage had the privilege of adding the very first Renault Trucks K configured as a breakdown vehicle to its fleet. This HGV breakdown vehicle, a K 520, is equipped with a crane on a rotator. Jean-François Delamotte, managing director from the ADS Dépannage Group gives us the reasons for his choice: “This was determined by the vehicle’s power rating, the robotised manual gearbox and the cab height which, on rough terrain, gives a good overall view making it possible to repair vehicles more efficiently.” The Group has just taken delivery of a second Renault Trucks K also with a power rating of 520 hp.

Eddie Stal, managing director of STAL TP, a Public Works contractor, was impressed by the Renault Trucks K the moment he saw the new range and was completely won over by its technology when he took it for a test drive. The Renault Trucks K 520 8x4 rigid with a twin tipper which he ordered is driven by a young, 24-year-old woman driver, Fanny Dall’Armellina. “Fanny has totally adopted the Renault Trucks K, which she finds comfortable, manoeuvrable, and powerful on the steep inclines she has to negotiate on some of our worksites. She also finds the excellent visibility offered by the vehicle to be reassuring. For my part, I appreciate the good relationship maintained with the Renault Trucks network, which always listens attentively to our needs,” explains Eddie Stal.

This choice was also made in Spain by Generalitat Catalana, via Remaqui, a company which decided to use all-wheel drive Renault Trucks K 6x6 vehicles as the base for its snowploughs to cope with extreme winter conditions such as snow, ice and heavy rain.

In Russia, these are practically everyday conditions for hauliers in winter. Sibavtotrans LC was impressed by the ruggedness of the K range and has just taken delivery of a K 480 6x2, the very first Renault Trucks vehicle in its fleet. It will be used for carrying petroleum products as well as special and bulky equipment.

Sukholozhskoe ATP, another Russian haulage company, is faithful to the brand and has already been able to judge Renault Trucks vehicles’ ability to cope with the rigours of the Russian winter. It has just restated its confidence in Renault Trucks by ordering a number of C 430 tractors which it will be using to make cement and propane deliveries.

Finally, in the Netherlands, it is the body mounting capacities of the C range which have impressed hauliers Boogaard BV. This company has just been presented with the keys of a C 430 6x2, configured with a Palfinger 50 t/metre crane and fitted with a particularly low flatbed (only 1.15 m from the ground). Fitting such a crane has been made possible by the C’s low unladen weight and the many body mounting options it offers. The challenge was to supply a vehicle which is both sturdy enough to carry a crane with such a capacity without the vehicle’s manoeuvrability and payload being compromised. The vehicle was therefore configured to handle 9 t on the front axle without any overloading. This vehicle was built with the aid of the Bodybuilder Portal. This is an Internet site which gives bodybuilders access to a certain number of services, enabling them to reduce bodybuilding time by as much as 20% and give them greater independence. For Barry Boogaard, manager of Boogaard BV, the result corresponds to the technical specifications required and even exceeds them: “This vehicle combines the technical characteristics of the C with the comfort of the T,” he says with satisfaction. “It is perfect for the specific nature of our activity and we are very proud to drive it.”


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