Renault Trucks T Optifuel : A comprehensive approach to reducing fuel consumption

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Renault Trucks T Optifuel : A comprehensive approach to reducing fuel consumption

The Renault Trucks T is now available in an Optifuel version. It features a comprehensive approach, designed to reduce fuel consumption from the very first kilometer, which brings together the qualities of the Renault Trucks T, aerodynamic equipment, intelligent technologies and dedicated services.

Since Diesel is one of the largest cost items for hauliers, Renault Trucks made fuel savings its core concern, right from the initial design stage of its T range, Its cab’s unique concept and every element in the powertrain have been designed with the aim of encouraging fuel savings and making this vehicle into a genuine profit centre.

A pioneer in the field of reducing fuel consumption, Renault Trucks is continuing the approach it initiated in 2009, when it introduced the Renault Premium Optifuel, with today’s launch of the Renault Trucks T Optifuel series at the IAA 2014 Commercial Vehicle show. This package combines a vehicle configured with the best technologies available and a dedicated set of services. Thanks to Renault Trucks T Optifuel’s comprehensive offering, hauliers can benefit from fuel savings throughout their vehicle’s entire operating life, right from the very first kilometer.

Being efficient in terms of fuel consumption means first of all having a vehicle that has been properly configured. Available in two versions, DTI 11 430 hp and DTI 11 460 hp, the Renault Trucks T Optifuel is fitted as standard with all the aerodynamic equipment designed to optimise its air penetration (roof and side deflectors, deflectors incorporated into the headlights, door extensions and side fairings). It is also fitted as standard with a series of intelligent technologies brought together in the Fuel eco pack (restricted power mode, an eco cruise control with the Optiroll controlled freewheel mode, a disengageable air compressor, a variable flow steering pump and automatic engine cut-off). The vehicle’s speed is configured by default not to exceed 85 kph.

In order to optimise its weight, the Renault Trucks T Optifuel features several elements in aluminium (air tanks, fuel tanks, rims and DFR arc -trailer braking arch system-). Finally, the vehicle is equipped with low rolling resistance tyres.

Nevertheless, just having an optimised truck to reduce a vehicle’s fuel consumption in the long term is not enough. This is why the Renault Trucks T Optifuel comes with an instructional module in economic driving as well as software for monitoring and analysing drivers’ driving modes (Optifuel Programme).

Provided by Renault Trucks experts, on customers’ own vehicles and under their own operating conditions, this instructional programme is essential for achieving long-term fuel consumption. The Optifuel Infomax software makes it possible to identify and analyse a vehicle’s consumption on the basis of 70 criteria and easily identify areas in which drivers can improve their performance.

With Optifuel Programme, drivers are involved in the running of their business and make genuine contributions to reducing their vehicle’s fuel consumption. This combination of trained driver and optimised vehicle enables hauliers to make the vehicles in their fleets into genuine profit centres and thereby swiftly and sustainably reduce their operating costs.

In order to cut their fleet vehicles’ fuel consumption even further and thereby increase cost efficiency, hauliers also have the option of activating Optifleet, the Renault Trucks fleet management solution. This software, available in the form of four modules, enables operators to geo-locate their vehicles in real-time (Map module), remotely consult technical data (Check module), collect information on driving time and archive data (Drive module). Thanks to Optifleet, drivers can also keep in touch with their depot and communicate via electronic messaging (Link module).
Finally, Start&Drive maintenance contracts are also available to maintain consistent vehicle performance over time.

Optifuel Challenge 2014: the European final

On 29 October 2014, in Nice in the South of France, 28 European companies from 16 countries will be taking part in the 2014 European final of the Renault Trucks economic driving competition, Optifuel Challenge.

The drivers will answer a theoretical questionnaire designed to test their knowledge of the principles involved in economic driving, then they will drive a Renault Trucks T Optifuel along a specific route. Upon arrival, their driving, speed and fuel consumption will all be analysed using the Optifuel Infomax software.

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