Renault Trucks D Optifuel : distribution in fuel saving mode

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Renault Trucks D Optifuel : distribution in fuel saving mode

After having entirely renewed its Distribution range, Renault Trucks is presenting the Renault trucks D and D WIDE Optifuel. Optimised to reduce consumption, these models are fitted with systems to encourage fuel saving as standard. They also come with Optifleet activated for a trial period. This is the Renault Trucks fleet management solution, allowing customers to improve the cost effectiveness of their operations.

Actors in the world of distribution are becoming increasingly attentive to their vehicles’ fuel consumption and their monitoring. To meet these demands, Renault Trucks offers an Optifuel version of its Renault Trucks D and D WIDE models. This Optifuel version includes the technical systems and services enabling fuel consumption to be reduced, in particular Optifleet, the Renault Trucks fleet management solution.

Both fitted with a manual automated gearbox (Optitronic or Optidriver), the Renault Trucks D and D WIDE Optifuel offer a restricted power mode which maintains the vehicle in fuel saving mode, irrespective of the pressure applied to the accelerator pedal. They also have an automatic engine cutout to ensure Diesel is not consumed uselessly by turning the engine off after 3 or 5 minutes, when the vehicle is stationary and the parking brake has been applied. Depending on the vehicle’s use and each user’s activity, the Renault Trucks D and D WIDE Optifuel can also benefit from a number of additional options; a roof deflector to improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics, new Michelin tyres developed to reduce rolling resistance and therefore consumption as well as the rational driving instruction programme, Optifuel Training.

In addition to the fuel eco mode, the manual automated Optidriver gearbox, and the integrated cruise control, the Renault Trucks D WIDE also has the Optiroll feature which, when conditions permit, enables maximum benefit to be made of the vehicle’s inertia and therefore reduce consumption. This system has already demonstrated its usefulness for long-distance haulage applications.

In addition to these technical systems, the Renault Trucks D and D WIDE Optifuel have also been pre-equipped to benefit from additional fuel reducing services.

The Optifuel offering includes a telecommunications box enabling Optifleet to be activated, the Renault Trucks fleet management solution which allows customers to make their operations more cost efficient. This box allows customers to access all key data per vehicle and per driver via a secured web portal or email, so that rational driving targets defined by fleet managers can be monitored.

In practical terms, Optifleet on the Renault Trucks D and D WIDE combines two of the solution’s modules: the Check module for monitoring average consumption and data such as use of the brake pedal or retarders and the Map module for real-time geolocation and subsequent analysis of the most cost-efficient itineraries.

Finally, in common with the rest of the range, the Renault Trucks D and D WIDE Optifuel are compatible with the full Optifuel Infomax kit, a software program for measuring and analysing fuel consumption. The only solution of its kind on the market, it is a perfect complement to Optifleet. Customers with a driving instructor are able to carry out a highly detailed analysis of an individual driver’s fuel consumption based on 70 criteria and draw up, if necessary, an instructional programme for the driver in question.

By using Optifleet and Optifuel Infomax together, Renault Trucks has a unique offering and the most comprehensive on the market, allowing both small and large fleets to cut their fuel consumption.

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