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Drive a truck with the TruckSimulator app

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Drive a truck with the TruckSimulator app

Renault Trucks is now making an entertaining, truck-oriented application available to the general public. TruckSimulator by Renault Trucks is a driving simulation game in which the player uses the vehicle in operational situations. For the first time, an application is available that simulates driving on a work site or an urban environment as well as on the open road, at the wheel of the Renault Trucks T, C, K and D. The application is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play.

Renault Trucks is offering the general public an opportunity to discover what it’s like to drive a truck at the wheel of the vehicles in its new range. Players can choose between driving a long distance truck, a worksite vehicle, or one devoted to distribution in an urban environment. All the trucks are drawn from the new Renault Trucks Euro 6 range.

“ With the TruckSimulator app, Renault Trucks offers the general public a wide variety of driving situations which correspond to those drivers can come up against throughout their careers,” explains Franck Nallet, in charge of Digital Communication at Renault Trucks. “This application puts the Renault Trucks T, C, K and D into context and enables everyone to discover our new Euro 6 range in an entertaining way.”

Players first of all choose the environment in which they want to drive, which will determine the type of assignments they will have to carry out. If they choose the Long Distance assignment, their objective will be to achieve the highest journey speed, while at the same time consuming as little fuel as possible, which is in line with hauliers’ priorities, since fuel is one of their main cost centres.

Players who opt for the Heavy Construction and Construction assignments will be given the task of keeping their entire load on board at all times.

Finally, as far as Distribution is concerned, the assignment will be to deliver parcels in their respective districts, while at the same time respecting the restrictions imposed on urban deliveries, particularly with regard to speed limits.

This driving simulator offers a number of options such as the possibility of personalising the vehicles by changing their colour, measuring players up against others by using the “ranking” function or by challenging friends on Facebook.

This simulation game can be downloaded free of charge:

App Store (pour iPhone et iPad)

Google Play (pour smartphones et tablettes).

TruckSimulator by Renault Trucks joins the eleven other applications already available from Renault Trucks :

  • The Range (free): a very easy way of discovering the whole new Renault Trucks Euro 6 range.
  • Cost Saver (free): to reduce the overall cost of vehicle usage, taking into account each hauliers’ individual circumstances and needs.
  • EcoCalculator (free): A calculator for assessing the environmental impact a Renault Trucks vehicle or fleet has as well as the financial gain resulting from lower fuel consumption.
  • Truck Fuel Eco Driving (free): a game for practicing economic driving.
  • NavTruck (for purchase): the HGV dedicated GPS application supplying direct guidance and advice for reducing fuel consumption.
  • Time Book (free): the driving logbook for the 21st century which manages driving and rest time.
  • DeliverEye (free): the application which allows users to send a photo stamped with the date, hour and place where it was taken in the event of delay or damaged goods.
  • Renault Trucks Network (free): to find all the sales and service outlets with a single click.
  • Selected for you (free): to find and share the most useful applications available on within a few seconds (from a mobile phone).
  • Renault Trucks Racing (free): the truck racing simulation game also available in high definition for the iPad.
  • Truckers Gallery (free): a photo gallery for sharing your enthusiasm for trucks with photos of vehicles from all over the world.
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