Renault Trucks delivers the 10,000th T vehicle to Polish hauliers Trans-Man

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Renault Trucks delivers the 10,000th T vehicle to Polish hauliers Trans-Man

The Renault Trucks T, voted International Truck of the Year 2015 in September, continues to win customers’ approbation. One year after delivering the first of these trucks, the 10,000th Euro 6 T vehicle recently rolled off the production line at Bourg-en-Bresse (France) and has just been delivered to Polish hauliers Trans-Man.

The Renault Trucks T, International Truck of the Year 2015, is continuing to consolidate its success. The 10,000th Euro 6 vehicle produced at the Bourg-en-Bresse plant (France) has now been delivered to the Polish Trans-Man haulage company. The key presentation ceremony took place on 13 November 2014, in Warsaw. Olivier de Saint-Meleuc, Renault Trucks sales director for the EMEA zone, presented the vehicle’s keys to Krzysztof Mancewicz, the co-owner of Trans-Man.

Krzysztof Mancewicz stated: “We were very happy to learn that our company would be the one to receive the delivery of the 10,000th T vehicle produced. We chose to adopt the Renault Trucks T for its outstandingly low fuel consumption, reliability and excellent cab design, providing our drivers with a uniquely comfortable and reassuring on-board experience.”

Olivier de Saint-Meleuc thanked Trans-Man for showing their confidence in Renault Trucks:  “I have great pride in presenting the keys to this Renault Trucks T 480 High to our Polish customer. This delivery of the 10,000th T vehicle represents the dynamic commercial success the T is enjoying. Customers appreciate its low consumption, its on-road qualities and on-board comfort for their drivers. The recognition of these qualities both by our customers and by the press, particularly the journalists of the International Truck of the Year, gives us great confidence for the future.”

For his part, Zoltan Tringer, Renault Trucks’ Sales Director for Market Central East Europe stressed the importance of this market for Renault Trucks: “Poland is one of the biggest markets in this part of Europe, with great sales potential. We are very pleased to see that the interest in our new range, and Renault Trucks T in particular, keeps growing here, not only from so far customers, but also the new ones. This is so, as with this new range, we are able to offer haulage companies a perfect tool – excellent, reliable and highly efficient trucks that help them keep operation costs under control”.

The Polish haulier Trans-Man, specialised in frozen meat transport throughout Europe, is already a Renault Trucks customer. The company, which today is managed by two brothers – Krzysztof and Grzegorz Mancewicz, was established by their father – Edward Mancewicz in 1970s. This 10,000th T vehicle, a T 480 High, is the fourth Renault Trucks T to join its fleet and the next two vehicles will be delivered soon.

In order to reduce its fuel consumption even further, Trans-Man has also chosen to involve its drivers and train them in economic driving via Optifuel Training, Renault Trucks’ economic driving training programme. It is also chosen to take advantage of this training on a long-term basis by adopting Optifuel Infomax, the Renault Trucks consumption measurement and analysis software.

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