Renault Trucks launches a european aftersales challenge

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Renault Trucks launches a european aftersales challenge

Renault Trucks enjoys challenges and is now launching the RTEC, an aftersales challenge for its entire European dealer network. The aim is to develop skills and highlight the Renault Trucks network’s expertise in providing aftersales services to its current and future customers.

Renault Trucks has just launched a challenge devoted to its aftersales personnel. Dubbed the RTEC for Road To Excellence Championship, this new challenge is aimed at inviting the best aftersales professionals in the Renault Trucks European network to compete against each other in teams. Apart from the challenge itself and its results, it will also be an opportunity for entrants to compare experiences from one country to another, discuss their expertise and enhance their skills so as to offer Renault Trucks customers services with an even higher level of excellence.

The RTEC challenge is an excellent initiative focusing on Renault Trucks’ expertise in the field of aftersales service,” explains Bruno Blin, the President of Renault Trucks. “Customers are paying more and more attention to this area and the challenge is an excellent means of demonstrating the quality and high level of training possessed by those in our network throughout Europe. While for those working in the network, it is a valuable means of continuing to extend and highlight their skills and knowledge.”

Since June, over 1,800 entrants have already signed up to take part in the challenge. They are drawn from France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the UK, Ireland, Malta, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal and Italy. The teams of up to four people will be competing against each other during three legs which will take place from September 2014 to February 2015 in each country.

During these stages, the Renault Trucks network teams will have to answer a series of questions designed to check their technical knowledge and expertise in every aspect of their work: technical skills, customer relations management, familiarity with Renault Trucks tools and procedures.

Once these trials have been completed, the ten best teams will be pitted against each other during the final which will be held in Lyon in April 2015. The finalists will then be given challenges to repair and maintain a vehicle under actual working conditions, from the vehicle’s reception to the moment it is returned to the customer. The quality of teamwork, the methods used and compliance with current Renault Trucks network rules will be the determining criteria for deciding on the winning team.

Challenge calendar:

September 2014: First selection stage in each country

November 2014: Second local selection stage

February 2015: Third local selection stage

April 2015: Finals in Lyon, France

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