Renault Trucks D Access, the go-anywhere low entry vehicle

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Renault Trucks D Access, the go-anywhere low entry vehicle

The Renault Trucks D ACCESS is now available with a Euro 6 engine. This vehicle features a low entry cab making it ideal for activities requiring drivers and crew to frequently get into and out of the cab. Furthermore, being only 2.29 m wide, it can go anywhere.

The architecture of the Renault Trucks D ACCESS, with its low entry cab, makes everyday work simpler for waste collection crews and delivery drivers. Its unique cab entry step is only 435 mm from the ground and it also offers an optional bus type passenger door and 80° opening for improved cab access. In contrast with vehicles having ladder style access, the steps on the D ACCESS take the effort out of getting into and out of the cab. Drivers also enjoy the advantage of an extra wide windscreen offering a 220° field of vision and less than 15° of blind spots overall. Furthermore, the low pedestrian-level driving position enables drivers to negotiate city streets with perfect safety. The totally flat floor on the Renault Trucks D ACCESS and its 2 m headroom make it very easy to move around inside the cab. Like all vehicles in the Distribution range, the vehicle features a new driver seat and three seater bench for optimal crew comfort.

Designed for use in urban environments (domestic waste collection and distribution), the Renault Trucks D ACCESS is available in narrow versions for all configurations. This means an overall width of only 2.29 m, the best on the market and a turning radius is only 6.60 m between kerbs. All these characteristics add up to making it a genuine go-anywhere city vehicle. In its 6x2 version, an electronically controlled rear steering axle provides even greater manoeuvrability at low speeds and improved directional control when travelling faster. Stability which is further improved by a new full air suspension system.

The Renault Trucks D ACCESS is equipped with the Euro 6 DTI 8 engine and is available with two power ratings: 280 and 320 hp. It features an automatic Allison 3000 gearbox, adapted for domestic waste collection applications, that automatically switches to neutral every time it stops without any action on the part of the driver.

In common with the other vehicles in the Renault Trucks Euro 6 range, the Renault Trucks D ACCESS can be fitted with a wide variety of bodies. Its unladen weight is only 5,890 kg and it is available with a choice of 16 wheelbases, having a body length ranging from 3.25 to 8.78 m. Body mounting is made easier by 7 PTOs and a body gap of 95 cm.

Easy to access, go-everywhere versatility, modular and comfortable, the Renault Trucks D ACCESS can be used for a wide variety of applications (distribution, tanker truck, fuel supplier, etc.) while remaining the ideal vehicle for waste collection.

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