The design of the new Renault Trucks range earns honours

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The design of the new Renault Trucks range earns honours

The atypical design of the new Renault Trucks range sets it apart from all other manufacturers. It is the work of the Renault Trucks Hall of Design teams and their director, Hervé Bertrand. He has been named “Man of the year” by the Italian magazine Il Mondo dei trasporti and was awarded a “Slice” at the prestigious D&AD Awards ceremony in London.

Assertive and focused on energy efficiency, the design of the new Renault Trucks range of vehicles is striking, winning customer approval. It recently earned accolades in Italy and the UK from haulier and design professionals.  

In Italy, Hervé Bertrand, Renault Trucks’ Design Director was declared “Man of the year 2014” by the magazine Il Mondo dei trasporti. This is the first time that the jury, made up of road haulage professionals, has given the award to a designer. The jury highlighted the contribution made by Hervé Bertrand to assert the important role played by design in the commercial vehicle sector and the stylistic evolution that had driven this new range. At the award presentation ceremony, Hervé Bertrand stressed how customer needs have evolved, influencing and inspiring the vehicles in the new Renault Trucks range, all of which are focused on saving energy. 

On 22 May, design professionals in the prestigious British Design & Art Direction (D&AD) rewarded the work carried out on the Renault Trucks T. Set up in 1963, the D&AD was created to reward and promote outstanding original design work with a global reach. Hervé Bertrand, the Design Director, attended the 52nd award presentation ceremony in London, representing Renault Trucks which had been nominated in the Industrial Design category.  He went away with a precious “Slice” which entitles him to be included in the D&AD directory, listing the year’s finest design professionals and due for publication in September 2014.  

Hervé Bertrand

Renault Trucks Design Director

Born in Paris in 1966, Hervé Bertrand spent his childhood in South America. His passion for art and design stemmed from his discovery of the film The Fountainhead, starring Gary Cooper. Having decided to become a designer, he began his studies at the Helsinki School of Industrial Art. The highly organic aspect of Finnish design was the foundation of the research he carried out in famous companies such as Hyundai in South Korea and Human Factors in New York. Following this experience, he moved to Europe and started working there. He joined the Seymour Powell team in London where he developed a huge range of products, including some for mass markets as well as automotive equipment.

Renault Trucks’ Design Director for the past 10 years, he set up the Hall of Design in Lyon. This is where, together with his team, he orchestrated the design of the new Renault Trucks ranges via a series of assertive choices mainly aimed at meeting customers’ new wants and needs in terms of vehicle robustness and energy efficiency.

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