A Maxispace cab for even more room on board the Renault Trucks T High

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A Maxispace cab for even more room on board the Renault Trucks T High

A vehicle dedicated to Long Haul transport par excellence, the Renault Trucks T High features a flat floor and a width of 2.5 m in the rear. But for drivers who want additional comfort, Renault Trucks also offers a Maxispace cab which delivers even more storage space and allows a retractable table to be deployed.

With its flat floor, 2.5 m cab rear width and headroom of over 2 m, the Renault Trucks T is the ideal tool for Long Haul transport. However, drivers who want to have even more storage space and features can choose the Maxispace cab which offers three specific interior fittings.

First of all, the Maxispace cab features an additional overhead storage unit instead of a top bunk. This consists of three illuminated 36 cm high compartments with sliding curtain closures.

Furthermore, an 81 x 60 cm table, deployed at the press of a button, is incorporated into the bunk. It can be folded up against the cab’s rear wall for storage after meals. It also contains an anti-vibration storage space divided into compartments and comes complete with a kit consisting of two plates, two knives, two forks and two small spoons.

Finally, the driver has additional storage space available in a drawer beneath the driving seat.

This is how the Maxispace satisfies those drivers for whom storage space and on-board comfort are a priority.

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