Renault Trucks offers biodiesel on the urban range

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Renault Trucks offers biodiesel on the urban range

To meet companies’ growing demands for alternative solutions to Diesel, Renault Trucks is now offering three models from the urban range that are compatible with Biodiesel. This means that the engines on these vehicles can be entirely run on 100% Biodiesel, a fuel produced from renewable energies and solely consisting of vegetable oils or animal fats.

Sustainable development is an issue which is becoming increasingly important in the world of transport, particularly for institutions and local authorities, but also in the field of urban distribution. More and more companies with activities involving the use of vehicles in town are looking for solutions other than Diesel. Biodiesel, made from vegetable oils or animal fats, is one of these alternative solutions.

To meet its customers’ wants and needs, Renault Trucks is now offering two engines, the DTI5 240 hp and the DTI8 320 hp, on three of its Euro 6 range compatible with Biodiesel. This can either be 30% of the entire fuel (B30) or 100% (B100). In terms of performance, engines running on Biodiesel offer the same power ratings and the same torque as their Diesel equivalents.

The ranges concerned are the following:
-Renault Trucks D 
-Renault Trucks D WIDE
-Renault Trucks C

To encourage the growth of renewable fuels, the public authorities and particularly European bodies are planning to encourage the use of Biodiesel over the next few years. With this extensive offering on three vehicles from its range, Renault Trucks is meeting a strong demand from institutions, public authorities and companies by giving them a means of responding to public market invitations to tender involving an obligation to use Biodiesel.

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