Renault Trucks and the OL Fondation support the fight against cancer

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Renault Trucks and the OL Fondation support the fight against cancer

Renault Trucks is becoming involved in solidarity initiatives organised by the OL Foundation and, in particular, has chosen to support the Léon-Bérard anti-cancer research Centre. A commitment once again restated during the National Fight Against Cancer Week from 17 to 23 March 2014.

The partnership linking Renault Trucks and the Olympique Lyonnais football team is certainly sporting, but also shows solidarity via the initiatives supported by the OL Foundation. Set up in 2007, this charitable organisation is active in three fields: giving young people opportunities in the job market via sport, education and assistance to sick people or those in hospital.

It is in the third area that Renault Trucks has chosen to make its contribution, by supporting the Léon-Bérard Centre for anti-cancer research and care. In particular, throughout the year, this will be via the “Goals against cancer” operation: an initiative which involves making a donation to the Léon-Bérard Centre for every goal scored by the OL team during League 1 championship season. 

“Renault Trucks has always been involved in this initiative and we are particularly proud to be supporting the Léon Bérard centre together with the OL Foundation in the fight against cancer,” stressed Bernard Lancelot, head of patronage at Renault Trucks.

The staff members of Lyon also demonstrated their support for the fight against cancer during a Charity Poker event, an annual meeting for card playing enthusiasts. More than 150 of them attended the last edition, with all the winnings donated to the Léon-Bérard Centre.

Renault Trucks also helps the most underprivileged by being involved in the annual 0L Foundation Christmas meal, particularly via the appearance of “Arty’s Fonky, les Trafikants de Fonk”, a group of musicians made up of Renault Trucks staff members. They played at the Lyon Palais des Sports for the 500 homeless people invited in December 2013.

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