A website for calculating Renault Trucks vehicles' environmental footprint

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A website for calculating Renault Trucks vehicles' environmental footprint

Renault Trucks is putting its internet EcoCalculator online. Like its application with the same name, the site makes it possible to calculate trucks’ environmental footprints, the quantity of CO2 emitted for each assignment and the savings in fuel and polluting emissions that hauliers can achieve. It also allows costs of polluting emissions from vehicles to be calculated throughout their operational lives for European invitations to tender. It is available at this address: www.ecocalculator.renault-trucks.com.

As a complement to its EcoCalculator application, Renault Trucks has just launched an Internet site: www.ecocalculator.renault-trucks.com. Like the application, the site is free and available in 22 languages. The EcoCalculator is a pleasant to use, simple and quick calculation tool designed for haulage company managers, owner drivers, fleet managers or the drivers themselves. It works with all Renault Trucks vehicles, however they are powered or whatever their Euro standard level.

All the results obtained can be saved as a comprehensive summary in PDF or Excel format. They can also be sent directly by email. Finally, in order to offer a fully comprehensive service, the site provides information about Renault Trucks’ Optifuel Solutions for reducing energy consumption and an “EcoMag” magazine, where users will find information about road transport and the environment

First of all, the EcoCalculator allows users to calculate the environmental footprint of a single vehicle or an entire fleet. After having filled in various items of information (type of fuel, average consumption, engine, etc.), managers can immediately view the financial and environmental benefits of lower fuel consumption. They can also accurately calculate their savings in euros and measure environmental gains for each one of the pollutants covered by the Euro standards (nitrous oxides, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and particulates) as well as CO2 emissions. This calculation can be made irrespective of the energy used by the vehicle (Diesel, CNG natural gas, B30, hybrid or electricity).

The EcoCalculator can also report the amount of CO2 emitted for each transport assignment carried out by the company. In France, this information has become compulsory since the 1st of October 2013. It concerns all transport services that either originate or have their destination in France.

By entering the vehicle’s characteristics (kilometrage, engine type, consumption, etc.), vehicle managers can instantly obtain the level of CO2 emitted by the assignment. The application’s calculations are based on the vehicle usage phase and the energy production. The coefficient used is that supplied by the French authorities in April 2012.

Finally, the third part of the application makes it possible to calculate the cost of vehicles’ polluting emissions throughout their entire operational lives. Being able to calculate this figure is important for company managers and the vehicle distribution network in as much as it is compulsory for responding to all calls for tender issued in the European Union. Here again, the EcoCalculator proves to be a simple and efficient tool, supplying the level of emissions and the corresponding cost in euros. These calculations are solely based on the vehicle’s usage phase as required by regulations, using the data of Renault Trucks engines (with emission levels that can be below the level required by the standards), the data from the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) and its Carbon Base with regard to CNG as well as the values supplied by the European directive 2009/33/EEC.

The EcoCalculator application can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store (http://bit.ly/ToBXJ2) and Google Play (http://bit.ly/TlBUug).

Renault Trucks was one of the very first manufacturers to have developed applications for smartphones to assist long-distance drivers and haulage professionals in their day-to-day operations. The manufacturer currently has eleven different applications available on the AppStore and Google Play: http://www.renault-trucks.fr/trucker-apps/

• The Range (free): a very straightforward means of getting an overview of the new Renault Trucks Euro 6 range.

•Optimum Magazine (free, on iPad only): the expanded version of the Renault Trucks print magazine with many interactive add-ons developed with Adobe. 

• Cost Saver (free): to reduce the overall cost of vehicle usage, taking into account each hauliers’ individual circumstances and needs.

• EcoCalculator (free): A calculator for assessing the environmental impact a Renault Trucks vehicle or fleet has as well as the financial gain resulting from lower fuel consumption.

• Truck Fuel Eco Driving (free): a game for practicing economic driving.

• NavTruck (for purchase): the HGV dedicated GPS application supplying direct guidance and advice for reducing fuel consumption.

• Time Book (free): the driving logbook for the 21st century which manages driving andrest time.

• DeliverEye (free): the application which allows users to send a photo stamped with the date, hour and place where it was taken in the event of delay or damaged goods.

• Renault Trucks Network (free): to find all the sales and service outlets with a single click.

• Renault Trucks Racing (free): the truck racing simulation game also available in highdefinition for the iPad.

• Truckers Gallery (free): a photo gallery for sharing your enthusiasm for trucks with photos of vehicles from all over the world.

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