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The Renault Trucks C and K meet french customers

From 19 March to 17 April, Renault Trucks will be going out to meet its Construction range customers. They will have the opportunity of test driving the Renault Trucks C and K models in quarries during a five stage “Construction Tour” in France.

Because a real-life test drive is much more persuasive than any speech, Renault Trucks is offering its customers the opportunity of discovering and test driving its new worksite vehicles. This “Construction Tour” will be made up of five different stages throughout France in quarries located close to the towns of Marseilles (19-20 March), Bordeaux 26-27 March), Le Mans (2-3 April), Nancy (9-10 April) and Clermont-Ferrand (16-17 April).

Ten vehicles will be made available to customers for the test drives in quarries. These will consist of five Renault Trucks Cs, designed for construction activities calling for high payloads and low fuel consumption, together with five Renault Trucks K vehicles, devoted to heavy construction tasks where customers demand maximum payload, superior ruggedness and much greater obstacle clearance capacity. Renault Trucks will offer its customers a representative sample of the various combinations available (4x2, 6x4, 8x4, etc. configurations for tractors and rigids) as well as the range’s various 11 and 13 L engines.

This “hands on” experience of the vehicles will be accompanied by a presentation of the various solutions Renault Trucks offers to cut fuel consumption via its Optifuel Solutions and particularly its Optifleet on-board IT solution.

Vehicles shown:

•Renault Trucks C 460 hp 4x2 tractor 
•Renault Trucks C 320 hp 6x4, 2.3m cab, with tipper body (Marrel)
•Renault Trucks C 520 hp 6x4, with tipper body (Marrel)
•Renault Trucks C 430 hp 6x4, with twin tipper body (Marrel)
•Renault Trucks C 460 hp 8x4, with articulated arm and removable tipper body (Forez)

•Renault Trucks K 380 hp 4x2, with crane (Hiab) and twin tipper (Cif) body
•Renault Trucks K 520 hp 6x4, with tipper body (Marrel)
•Renault Trucks K 460 hp 8x4, with round tipper body (Cif)
•Renault Trucks K 460 hp 8x4, with twin tipper body (Meiller)
•Renault Trucks K 520 hp 8x4, with round tipper body (Cif)


19 and 20 March: Marseilles
26 and 27 March: Bordeaux
2 and 3 April: Le Mans
9 and 10 April: Nancy
16 and 17 April: Clermont-Ferrand

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